Last week I post swatches of the Topshop Virtual Reality palette and their chameleon glow eyeshadows. I figured that while I was at it, I might as well show you the rest of my small collection. Disclaimer- Topshop’s website is like a yard sale. I’ll link all the products but I’m not promising that they’ll be in stock! The eyeshadows are $10 (£7.50) and the highlighters are $17. And let me tell you, they’re worth every penny!

The first three are sparkly, white based duochromes. They make ideal toppers because they’re sheer but you can also layer them for more opaque color pay off.

Hallucination is a pinky lavender.

Milky Way is blue, lavender and pink.

Holograph is similar to Milky Way but more teal and less lavender.

Shangri la is a light, pearlescent rose gold.

Mother of Pearl is meant to be a highlighter, however it’s REALLY glittery so I use it on my eyes. It’s similar to Shuffle the Cards but it’s a lighter more delicate pink with a softer gold shift.

Pageant is a sheer pearl color with lots of sparkle. 

Pyramid is a light taupey bronze.

Ember is the most gorgeous, metallic copper ever created.

And last but not least, Tigers Eye is also marketed as a highlighter but it’s just as glittery as Mother of Pearl (they are bigger than the eyeshadows though). It’s a really interesting color. It’s a light brown with tons of red sparkle that combined with the brown base color, give it a mauvey appearance. I swatched it with a shader brush, the same way I’d swatch an eyeshadow, so it wouldn’t be this dark if you used it as a highlighter. When applied with a highlighter brush, the base color much less noticeable and the red sparkle is more pronounced.
So what are you waiting for?? Go order some of these babies! They’re amazing! You need them!


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