When I posted my mini review of the Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Top Coat that I recently purchased I mentioned that when I applied it, I found it to look similar to a Colourpop super shock shadow. I did a quick comparison to show you guys what I meant. Also Emma did a review and comparison as well that you might want check out!

None of these are exact color dupes and the formulas aren’t the same either (although I do find the textures to feel similar). 

But I think you can still see what I mean. If I looked these swatches, I’d have no idea that Peach was a completely different brand and formula than the others.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these are heavy swatches so that you can see the colors and textures more clearly. You probably wouldn’t apply them this heavily on your eyes. And with a light coat the differences are even less apparent.

I will say that the Natasha formula seems more sparkly than CP and almost wet looking in person.

Plus you’re getting 6 grams of product and CP shadows are only 2 grams. Also the Chroma Crystals are supposed to be water proof so that might be another selling point for you.

But for me they just look way too similar to my trusty super shocks to justify paying over 5× the price ($28 vs $5). I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on these babies. Lots of people are absolutely in love with them. So don’t take my word for it, go to Sephora and test them out for yourself!


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