I’m on a Topshop kick guys! If you’ve haven’t seen their Chameleon Glow eyeshadows yet… pull up a chair, get your credit card ready and feast your eyes on these!

Wax and Wane is lavender, blue and pink duo.

Changeling is kind of a blue brown… okay more like a blue, green, purple, pink and brown.

U-turn is a bright, almost slime green with red reflects.

And my personal favorite, Shuffle the Cards, is a bright peachy pink and shifts red, gold and green.

You absolutely NEED all four of them! They’re basically the best duochromes ever. They’re $13 each except for Changeling which is $10 and they come in small compacts. I believe you get about .08oz of product, which is a good amount and the formulas are light as air and incredibly sparkly. Order these babies now and thank me later!


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