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I got some new Topshop makeup!! This is their ‘Virtual Reality’ palette. It has 4 full sized eyeshadows (2.2g each) and it’s made in Italy. And…it’s only $18! Topshop should seriously pay me. I’ve made it my life’s mission to sing the virtues of their makeup to anyone that will listen. 

These shadows have the glittery, iridescent formula that we’re seeing everywhere, except that these are actually affordable. If you want to use them as toppers, then you can apply them with dry brush. If you want more opaque color payoff then I’d suggest either wetting your brush or using your fingertip.

 I’d compare the formula to some of the sparkly shades in the Pat McGrath palettes or the duochromes in the new Huda palette. The shadows don’t have names so I’ll just go down the line!

The first color is a white based pink with lavender reflects. It’s a very good dupe for Astral Ghost Orchid in the second and third Pat McGrath palettes.

Next we have a light beige with gold sparkle. This one is quite sheer so you’ll either want to apply it on top of a more opaque color or use it wet to build intensity.

The third color has a taupe base with a dark gunmetal overlay and silver sparkle.

And lastly, we’ve got my girl! A deep plummy burgundy with multicolored sparkle. This one has a stronger base color than the others so you could definitely use it on its own.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… Topshop makeup deserves a lot more attention than it gets! This is a dope ass palette with a formula very similar to what you’d find in a high end palette and it’s less than $20!

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