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Natasha Denona Joya palette ($48)

Someone across town could whisper ‘Natasha Denona’ under their breath and I swear that Emma and I would snap to attention, fluff our hair and spit shine each other’s faces while shrieking ‘WHERE? WHERE IS SHE?!’ There. I’ve said it. Natasha Denona is my weakness. But how gorgina is the new ‘Joya’ palette (Sorry for the shit pic btw. This rain is killing me). You may ask, ‘but doesn’t it look exactly like the 27 other warm toned palettes that you already own?’ Well yeah… but it’s Natasha Denona! Plus it has a new ‘cream to powder’ formula that I had to try!

PEACH GOLD has a duochrome finish. It’s a coral pink that shifts peach and gold.

FUCHSIA has a cream to powder formula. It’s a bright matte raspberry. This formula does feel amazing but mine is getting a film over the pan already.

GOLD is another cream to powder formula. It’s a bright, metallic yellow gold. 

RED GRAPE is a deep berry metallic. 

STAR BRONZE is also a cream to powder formula. It’s a rosy bronze metallic with a sparkly finish. 

 So it goes without saying that this is an absolutely stunning palette. I love every color and the new cream to powder formula makes my heart skip a beat! But it’s def highly dupeable. I already compared it to the new Juvia’s Saharan palette here (the shades are alike enough to give you a similar look but there’s no dupes) and it also reminds me a lot of the CP Kathleen Lights quad and Huda Rose Gold. 

To sum it up, I certainly don’t think that you’d regret getting Joya… I mean how could you??? But with all of this new makeup coming out every other day, you could also safely pass knowing that you already have similar shades in your stash. So basically I’m no help as usual!


  1. Peach Gold, Red Grape and Star Bronze are my favorite shades in this palette. And tbh, I’d never heard of this “Natasha Denona” until her one palette came out that not too long ago, but required a second mortgage. Is she a makeup artist, celebrity, maybe both? I’ve learned so much about different brands of good, high quality makeup since I’ve started following you almost 2 years ago. You’ve turned me onto Looxi, ColourPop, Devinah, Violet Voss, MUG and Juvia’s Place. And of course, Natasha Denona, but I don’t own any from this brand. It’s just too expensive for me. Maybe one day…. a girl can dream. Thanks again for the great review and swatches!!


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