Natasha Denona Holiday: AERIS

Press sample. Affil link

Natasha Denona Holiday Palettes can be found at Beautylish HERE and at Sephora HERE.

Additionally, Angela reviewed Joya already Here!

Ok enough! To the review! Yet another Natasha Denona palette! Are you tired yet!?! Half of me wants to stop obsessing about Denona already, it’s not healthy. It really isn’t.

Holiday at the Denona HQ was heavy with the shimmers and navigating towards the warm tones we want to love so hard but that let’s be honest here: we prob have a lot of dupes of! Or at least similar colors, and I was surprised some of these were more of a pressed glitter formula so definitely pack them on top of a glitter glue or at least with a wet brush.

PEACH BRONZE is a pressed glitter pigment! Pls use a medium or a glitter glue to avoid fallout. It can be quite sheer which leads me to use this as a topper, but it can be packed on if you desire, again: use a wet brush.

ICY BLUE is a silver based light blue, its lighter and more silver than the blue in Juvia’s Saharan II, and Ill make a full comparison soon.

BURNT TERRA-COTTA : exactly like the name implies, a claylike color as smooth as a baby’s butt. Shade is similar to Nars PERSIA.

RED BRONZE is the most beautiful red with gold and bronze shimmers, this shade is sooooo freaking pretty! very holiday and a lot of gold sparkle.

NUDE reminds me another Nars color: OUTER LIMITS but less shimmery, similar champagne with pink and teal sparkle, another shade you should use either wet or over a medium to avoid fallout.

More swatches

Overall, its pretty, there is two shades that are more of a topper shadow which seems to be big now, I personally like but recommend to use wet brushes on the shimmers to salvage some of that fallout situation. The most outstanding of the shades was RED BRONZE, I did not find anything to dupe it exactly.

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