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By now you’ve no doubt heard that influential, British mua, Pat McGrath has released three obscenely expensive eyeshadow palettes. They’re available at Sephora and the Pat McGrath website for $125 each. On Pat’s website there’s also a bundle option where you can get all three palettes for $300 ($75 savings). I also ran across other bundles on her website that include a palette, three lipsticks and a lip pencil. They might be a nice option if there’s a few products that you’d like to pick up.



Okay so let’s get into the review!

Let me just start by saying that it’s fucking gorgeous but for $125, this palette had better take me to church. Like when I describe the shadows, I had better be testifying to y’all with an entire southern Baptist choir behind me singing hallelujah. Anything less than that is unacceptable. 

But there’s some good news… I actually ordered palette 2 (the one with the green) but stupid Sephora sent palette 1. So that means I’ll be reviewing two palettes instead of one. Hooray! 

Firstly the packaging is amazing, so luxe. It’s made of a heavy material (enamel?) with a beveled mirror. It looks and feels very high end. I think most will agree that the four shades on right are the ones that stand out the most, so let’s start with them!

 Pale Gold 005 is the most perfect gold color that I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly finely milled and light as feather. I say light because it’s not one of these dense, creamy shadows. Not to say that it’s dry and powdery because it’s absolutely not. The pigmentation and sparkle is unreal. Just the lightest touch with your brush or fingertip is enough to cover your eyelid with a layer of sparkling fairy dust. It’s truly a remarkable color and formula. 

The formula of Blitz Blue is quite the same. It’s the most delicate, sparkling formula and it’s a joy to work with. I did my best to find color dupes for the whole palette but these two in particular have a unique and special formula that would be difficult for another brand to replicate. 

VR Violet and Astral White have a sparkly formula similar to Pale Gold and Blitz Blue but they’re more sheer and iridescent. Also I found both to be dupeable. Check out my dupe post for swatches but VR Violet is nearly identical in color and formula to Topshop Wax and Wane.

Astral White has a translucent base with blue and teal sparkle. Topshop has a good dupe for this one as well. Holograph is extremely similar to Astral White although it shifts more pink and Astral White has more green sparkle. Those two aren’t exactly the same but they’re close enough that I would consider them to be dupes.  

Those four colors are stunning and I love them. The rest of the palette… eh. I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re nice eyeshadows. I just don’t find them to remarkable in a way that justifies the price tag but since you’re already on board, you might as well let me take you on the full palette tour!

Skinshow Nude is a pearly satin. Lovely for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner. It’s texture is creamy and smooth and it has very nice pigmentation. I have nothing bad to say about it but it is what it is… a nice, high quality, creamy satin not unlike a zillion other high quality creamy satins. 

The palette has three matte eyeshadows. Depth- a dark charcoal brown, Ultimate Taupe- a mid-toned taupe and Xtreme- a black found in all three palettes. They’re okay. Sigh. I’m being harsh. They’re very nice, all three. They’re finely milled with good color pay off and minimal fall out. The formula is on the dry side but not in a bad way. They just don’t have that ‘creamy to the touch’ type of formula. I’d compare them to Sugarpill or Melt Cosmetics. It’s a solid formula but I’m not getting ready to strike up the band over them.

And last but not least we’ve got two metallics: Lilac Dusk- a lavender taupe with silver sparkle and Substance- a deep charcoal taupe. 

Both are easy to use and have a long wear time and great pigmentation.

Okay so let’s summarize! As you know, I got this palette by mistake instead of Sublime. Grays and cool tones aren’t my thing so that was already a strike against it in my book but of course color preferences are subjective so I was careful not let that become a factor in my review. Beyond those few things, I really don’t have a bad thing to say about this palette. The problem is that I was only wowed by 4 of the 10 eyeshadows. If this were a $50-$60 palette, I’d co-sign in a heartbeat. But if I’m paying $125 for a 10 pan palette, I want to be madly in love with at least 70- 80% of the eyeshadows.

 However when buying high end cosmetics, you’re mostly paying for packaging and this palette delivers 100% in that regard. If she did a palette made up of the sparkly shades from all three palettes, I could justify buying and recommending it because those colors are unique and the formula is bomb. If you’re at a time in your life when you’re able to treat yourself then by all means, get this palette! But for the average consumer who’s more interested in the actual product than the aesthetics, I wouldn’t recommend it. 

What do you guys think?? I’ve heard many other people say that they think the eyeshadows are amazeballs so it’s entirely possible that I’m being a troll… Sublime swatches coming soon


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