Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Color

Press sample

Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Colors are these cute pots of liquid pigment retailing for $12 each.

These can be use in the face as liners or facepaint and on the body – once dry they don’t go anywhere but they came off with waterproof remover without leaving a stain.

The one shade that gave me issues was NIGHTWALK as it feathered quite a bit.

The formula is light allowing for fluidity when using a thin brush, but even as it was lightweight, it didn’t move so it can be used for detail work. The lilac is the most stunning! Followed by those blues

The black and white can also be used to mix around the shades and achieve darkened or lightened versions. Swipe for other angles and a closeup of the cushion!

This is the first time I see a cushion for liquid liner/paints and I was surprised to see how little you need for full opacity (this was one brush stroke). They also dry matte – I haven’t tested them to see if they crack after a while, I will definitely be trying that to see since Halloween is about to be here and face painting is a must!


Have you tried any Danessa’s products?

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