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Nabla Cosmetics ‘Dreamy’ eyeshadow palette (€35.90, approx $42 USD)

Also available at Beauty Bay with free US shipping!!

‘The Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect balance between Fantasy, Elegance and Practicality.’

I’m so excited for the opportunity to share this gorgeous palette with you all! I review a ton of palettes and this one really stands out to me. Snuggle up in your most comfy chair with a warm drink and let’s talk all about this beauty!

The packaging is adorable! The palette is compact and sturdy and adorned with a moon and stars pattern.

There’s brass detailing on the corners with a name plate in the center. The name is also on the spine of the palette which is a nice touch, especially if you’ve got a drawer full of palettes.

The inside has large mirror and the names of the eyeshadows.




The palette includes 12 new shades, in 3 different textures: Super Matte, Fluid Metal (new!) and Just Pearl. I’m so impressed with these eyeshadows! They’re all creamy, pigmented and easy to blend, especially the mattes. Let’s go through each shade and I’ll give you my thoughts as we go along!

Immaculate: White duochrome highlight with gold reflects. Fluid Metal.

The texture is of these Fluids Metals is extremely soft and creamy but they still apply easily with a brush.

Illusion: Light-medium neutral brown. Super Matte.

The Super Mattes are my favorite Nabla formula. We all know that good mattes are hard to find and these are perfection! They’re insanely pigmented without being difficult to blend and the fall out is minimal.

Vanitas: Peachy-pink duochrome with golden reflects. Fluid Metal.

We see these peachy pinks a lot these days but the pigmentation on this one is ridiculous. I have the palette in front of me as I write this, I just lightly tapped my index finger into Vanitas and that was enough product to cover about an inch of my forearm.

Delirium: Burnt purple-brown with fuchsia, blue and purple micro-sparkles. Just Pearl.
This is probably the most unique shade in the palette. It’s a deep glittery purple that shifts blue and red. I’ve been using it to smudge out my eyeliner all week.

Byzantine: Intense warm pure gold. Fluid Metal.

This is another one of their perfect metallics. It really impresses me how well they apply with brushes. You know how with ultra creamy shadows you usually need to use your finger to get a smooth application? Not with these!

Sistina: Medium rose sienna. Super Matte.

This is my favorite shade in the palette. Hands down. No contest. I hope they sell these shades as singles eventually because I need this in bulk. It’s the perfect salmon pink color and it’s so pigmented and easy to blend.

Metal Cupid: Strawberry bronze. Fluid Metal.

Same story as with the other Fluid Metals. It’s a great formula. Much softer than their regular metallics and so pigmented and easy to apply.

Inception: Mauve duochrome with chestnut base and bright lilac reflects. Fluid Metal.

This color reminds me of another eyeshadow but I can’t remember which one. It seems like it has a reddish base with a strong plum overlay. Gorgeous on green and hazel eyes.

Señorita: Intense cool-toned red. Super Matte.

This is my second favorite color in the palette. I love matte raspberry shades like this but they’re often patchy. Not this guy! I’m telling ya, the super matte formula is perfection!

Rose Gold: Rose gold. Fluid Metal.

One last amazing Fluid Metal! I love rose golds and this one is especially beautiful because it leans more towards rose than gold.

Lullaby: Medium mauve. Super Matte.

And my third favorite color! I love a good dusty lilac and Lullaby is the perfect shade with beautiful, true to pan pigmentation.

Dogma: Intense dark brown. Super Matte.

Last but not least a deep neutral brown that will compliment a warm or cool toned eye look.

As you’ve probably surmised, I love this palette. Every color and texture is beautiful but I’m especially impressed with the mattes. Quality mattes are so hard to come by and the colors they choose for this palette are feminine and universally flattering. What really sets Nabla apart from other brands, in my eyes, is their unique colors. As a blogger I’ve seen every shade imaginable so when I see colors that I can’t immediately dupe, it really impresses me. Nabla is an Italian company but I’ve ordered from them before and their shipping is very reasonable and insanely fast. I’m in love the Dreamy palette and I feel 100% confident in recommending it to my readers. It’s a palette that I know I’ll reach for often and I think that you will too!


  1. Thank you for these beautiful swatches! Would you be able to recommend a dupe for Byzantine? It was the only shade I was unable to dupe with my own stash.


  2. Thanks for your fantastic review! I have been wanting to order from Nabla for probably a year now after seeing to many great reviews from both you and Jkissa on YouTube but after reading this i finally bit the bullet and ordered the palette and a few of the celestial shadows I have been eyeballing for forever! Nabla is having a 24 hour flash sale on this palette too as well as offering 50% off international shipping until 10/19 so it just seemed right! Thanks again!


  3. I’ve always been drawn to this company’s shadows because of your great swatches and reviews, and this is no exception! This actually has me considering ordering it. I also love the mauve, pink and lilac shades, but Inception really caught my eye. I almost never, ever wear traditional eyeliner – not even in my waterline. I just use eyeshadow and I think that shade would look great on dark brown eyes. You agree? Thanks again for a great review and beautiful swatches. You two never disappoint!!


  4. Nabla has some amazing eyeshadow pans so I am not surprised they put together a great palette. Thanks for the nice review and the beautiful swatches. I need to get my hands on this now 😊


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