My Little Pony x ColourPop: HIGHLIGHTERS!


The My Little Pony collection had two highlighters as part of their face items, the pans come in a lavender compact with the My Little Pony Silhouettes in a metallic purple.

The highlighters are still surprisingly in stock and if you don’t have similar shades to these, they are a good deal at $8 for a compact with a mirror. My one note on them is that the names are not printed on the back of the compacts or even on the boxes.

TRICKLES is a lavender shimmer with notes of teal shift. This shade has been done by a lot of indie cosmetics companies, but I don’t chastise Cp for coming up with their own version since it goes with the Pony aesthetics and it is a non glittery version, which in my book is a win. Similar to this: Fenty “CONFETTI”

STARFLOWER is the most vanilla of the shades but its still a bright peach gold, just the most wearable of the two (if you aren’t into pastel shades on your face). Its very similar to the KNOCKOUT DUO highlighter (Summer edition, Highlighter is called: LIKE TO WATCH).



Did you get any?

One comment

  1. THANK YOU for saying that Starflower is close to the “Knockout” highlighter – now I don’t feel so bad for only buying the pinky-purple one!! 🙂


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