As you guys know, the new Juvia’s Place The Saharan ll palette is available now and it’s doooooope. Plus it’s only $19 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT. I was doing some swatches this afternoon when I realized how similar it is to the Natasha Denona Joya palette which also just came out. None of these colors are dupes but most of them (besides the gold) are pretty close! 

 ❤Marrakesh/Peach Gold- both are peachy pinks with gold reflects. Marrakesh has a stronger apricot shift.

 ❤Zohra/Fuchsia- in the pan Zohra looks burgundy but on the skin it’s a deep raspberry. It’s a shade or two darker than Fuchsia.

 ❤Aziza/Gold- Aziza is white with yellow gold reflects and Gold is a solid yellow gold.

 ❤Nomad/Red Grape- Nomad looks burgundy straight on but it shifts copper. Red Grape is darker.

 ❤Hadiya/Star Bronze- these two are similar light bronze colors but Hadiya shifts copper and Star Bronze is glittery.
While there’s no exact dupes here, there’s some definite similarities. So if you’re getting The Saharan ll, you might be able to pass on Joya. And before you ask, I didn’t get the other ND holiday palette. But Em has it so we can ask her to compare for us or send it to me when she’s done playing with it. So what are you waiting for?? Go get Saharan ll before it sells out again! 


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