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Juvia’s Place ‘The Saharan ll’ ($21.50)

Save 10% with code: BEAUTYCULT

BOW DOWN MY FRIENDS! WE’RE IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATNESS!! Allow me to introduce the brand new, Juvias Place ‘The Saharan ll’ eyeshadow palette! And listen girl… I don’t want to get you all excited… but there’s duochromes. Like several… This palette is more beautiful to me than queen Nefertiti. I want to build it a pyramid with my bare hands and every block would represent another aspect of my love. Yeah. You heard me. This is no ordinary love. I’m over here singing Sade and shit. Okay. Enough gushing. Let’s get down to business!

The palette has nine eyeshadows that are 3.6 grams each (3 mattes, 6 foiled shimmers) and it has the same dimensions as The Zulu palette. However there is one major difference, this palette has been reformulated and no longer includes mineral oil. I know that was a deterrent for some so I’m happy to see that it was addressed. 

The packaging is purple and the color scheme was heavily influenced by Morocco. When I started posting sneak peeks on my instagram, a few people voiced concerns about possible shade repeats from other palettes but I’m happy to report that there’s not!

 Taza, the last orange brown, is similar to a few previous colors but not exactly the same. Fez, third to last, is a deep red brown similar to ABH Red Earth. It’s different from her other browns. I’ll go through each and shade and mention if there’s any similarities. But first let’s take another gander at these swatches!

Could you die?? I can’t get over all those duos!

Marrakesh is a peachy pink with gold reflects and a foiled finish. The Saharan Blush vol 2 palette has some pinky golds but Marrakesh is much more apricot.

Aziza is white with yellow gold reflects and a foiled finish.

Hadiya is a light bronze with a copper shift. 

Berber is a mid-toned blue with green microglitter and a foiled finish. Zola (masquerade) is lighter and doesn’t have glitter.

Nomad is a cranberry color straight on but shifts red and orange.

Chefchaouen is a mint green and aqua duochrome with gold shimmer.

Fez is a dark brown matte with strong red undertones. The closest color is one of the dark browns in the Nubian palette but it’s lighter and not as red.

Zohra is a deep matte raspberry. It’s much darker than the matte reddish pink in Zulu. It’s similar to the red in MUG/ Manny palette and the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette.

Taza is a camel brown with strong orange undertones. It’s similar to Zulu (masquerade) but lighter.

The formula is what you’d expect from Juvia’s. They’re creamy to the touch, insanely pigmented and very user friendly. There’s truly not a dud in the bunch. The Saharan ll is limited edition. I’d expect it to be around for at least a few months but don’t wait too long if you want to add it to your collection. And just a reminder, our affiliate code with Juvia’s Place is BEAUTYCULT and it will save you 10%. Thanks in advance for your support!


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