Let me preface this by telling you that I didn’t even order this palette. I bought 02 Sublime but Sephora sent me Subliminal instead. Twice. But I got Sublime today and now I get to review both and life is good! Since these palettes are obscenely expensive, I want to use them a few more times before writing my review but in the meantime… let’s talk dupes!

When selecting dupes I’ll only consider options that are still available, sold individually and cruelty free. If I happen to come across a similar shade that’s been discontinued or in a palette, I’ll mention it as well. I do my best to find affordable alternatives but I don’t always succeed. Also it’s been raining for the past century, so the lighting isn’t the best. One last thing! If you happen to have the UD X Gwen Stefani palette, it has a very similar color scheme to Subliminal.

Skinshow Nude vs Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma ($6)- both are frosted pearl colors with a creamy texture. Skinshow has a slightly more pink undertone.

Depth vs Makeup Geek Concrete Jungle ($6)- Both are deep taupes with matte finishes. Depth is darker and more brown. Second option- Morphe Vixen, Suede (Huda Rose Gold)

Ultimate Taupe vs Makeup Geek Bandwagon ($6)- both are light taupe mattes. Bandwagon looks a little darker in the pan but swatches lighter on me.

Pale Gold 002 vs Touch of Glam Beauty On Fleek- Pale Gold 002 is one of the stars of the palette. It’s a light yellow gold with tons of sparkle. On Fleek has a similar finish but it’s lighter. When I was labeling these photos, this one was really bothering me. I did some digging and came up with a highlighter also from Touch of Glam called Smoking Hot. It’s a pale glittery gold as well but it’s a little more yellow than Pale Gold. 

Here’s some quick swatches:

VR Violet vs Topshop Wax & Wane ($13)- these two are nearly identical in color and formula. So similar that I had to look up ingredients out of curiosity. They weren’t exact but they share a number of the same ingredients. Twilight from the Huda Desert Dusk palette is also similar. 

Xtreme Black vs Colourpop Let’s Do It ($4)- Xtreme Black is a very dark matte black. You probably already have numerous dupes in your collection.  

Lilac Dusk vs Makeup Geek Prom Night ($6)/ Nabla Cosmetics Ground State-  I was back and forth between these two. All three are shimmery lavender taupes. Prom Night has stronger brown undertones, whereas Lilac Dusk pulls more silver. Ground State is more purple. Other options- Urban Decay Mugshot, ABH Custom, Colourpop Dragonfly

Substance vs Makeup Geek Moondust ($6)- Moondust is about two shades lighter. Other options- Urban Decay Dark Horse, ABH Witchy (self made)

Blitz Blue vs Devinah Bluster ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT)- Blitz Blue has an ultra sparkly finish that’s very apparent in person but wasn’t showing up on camera. Bluster has a similar base color but Blitz Blue is darker. I wouldn’t say that these two are dupes but it was closest option in my collection that was sold individually and still available. Other options- Colourpop Baby T (discontinued), ABH Azure (Shadow Couture), Too Faced De La Mer (ala mode palette), Juvia’s Place Cleopatra (Nubian 2), Nebula (KVD Metal and Matte)

Astral White vs Topshop Holograph ($10)- again Topshop has a very similar formula but Holograph has a stronger pink shift and Astral has more teal glitter.

And there you have it! The four unique shades in the palette are Astral White, VR Violet, Pale Gold 002 and Blitz Blue. If you have a decent sized makeup collection, then you probably own something reasonably similar to the other six colors. If you like those glittery shades but not enough to shell out $125, I suggest checking out Topshop’s eyeshadows! 

This week I’ll be working on swatches and a review of this palette and the Sublime palette so check back in a few days if you’re interested!

I had a request to show the ingredients. I did my best but they’re very difficult to read even in person. 



  1. Hey there, would you mind posting the palette ingredients too? I’m also curious about how similar they are to the Topshop shadows. Thank you!!


  2. Hi there, not sure if my initial comment got eaten when I logged in. Would you mind posting the ingredients for this palette? I noticed that they’re not listed on the Sephora website or the PML site. Thanks!!


  3. This is a great dupe post. It’s obvious you took your time looking at the colors and undertones to find really good dupes. I’m so happy you did because I love a couple shades in this palette but the rest are so dull/ everyday that I can’t justify buying the whole palette. Topshop will be getting and order from me soon…


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