Pat McGrath Labs Mothership palette III: SUBVERSIVE

Purchased. Affil links

This palette launches today 10/6 at Sephora, you can purchase it here.

BEHOLD: MOTHERSHIP PALETTE III, SUBVERSIVE. I never been a fashion addict. My idea of Fashion has always been a black t shirt, heavily worn in jeans, cool kicks/heels/doc martens lol.. I do like a pair of shoes… However makeup was always another thing, I was doing smokey eyes with my fingers in the 90’s even as I wore Jncos and plaid shirts, that’s when I met Pat. And my meet I mean, I stalked the runway stories in the news and magazines, and when I moved to New York it was impossible to ignore NYFW and to me it was about backstage dreams: I pictured myself in the back of the runway helping the artists create the looks for the show, I stalked a few shows to get a glimpse of her in person but its NY and security is tight..(yes, im a fkn stalker, sue me.). As Avant Garde as fashion week makeup looks are, to me they were everything, wearing a toned down version to work afterwards and feeling like a million bucks because my eyeshadow diffused into my cheeks and blended into my blush and nobody knew if it was cause I had slept with my makeup on. Pat did that for me: every look she created in the runway I’d stalk for, and she showed how beautiful color was, how to be ethereal, steampunk and chic at the same time, using her fingers to apply pigment in ways that are nothing short of magic. Today, it’s easier to see her in action; in the age of social media one can see backstage at any show and see the techniques, the looks even before they hit a magazine. I have not abandoned the dream of being backstage one day just as an observer, maybe washing Pat’s mixing palettes lol.. today she follows me on IG and when I’m feeling bold I ask her things and get this: she answers. Because that’s Pat, she’s one of the most influential runway makeup artists ever but she hasn’t forgotten she’s also our MOTHER.

There are three palettes launching, I picked the III because of that gold and pink shade and because I have budget like everyone else, but I am tempted on getting II upon release today.

Each palette comes in a folder cardboard clutch with imagery from runway shows Pat’s made in the past. These are made in Italy and the back of each shows the content of each shade.

The palette itself is a black sturdy casing with a beveled mirror. It is heavy! the back has a gold plate with this engraving:  

There are 10 shades and so far I have only tested a few, which I have liked. But in purpose of posting these swatches quickly Ive condensed my thoughts below.

YAY: the shades are bomb, they have almost no fallout and the mattes blend well, no patchiness to report. Very pigmented, each swatch took one or two swipes and a little goes a long long way. The shimmers are ultra reflective, bright, you notice them once you apply them in the eye, adding moxie to your look even if you use only ONE shade at a time.


VR PINK: gold, pink and peach pressed pigment, one swipe gives you more of the pink but as you layer it, the gold pearls come to play
ASTRAL GHOST ORCHID: pearlescent reflective pink and lavender


GIGABYTE : dirty gold! 
BLITZ AMETHYST: duo chrome violet with periwinkle and teal


DEEP SHADE: mate brown, smooth and layerable. 
BLACK METAL gunmetal gray with periwinkle reflects


NIGHT CREATURE magenta foiled pink
LAZARUS satin finish brown with a slight burgundy undertone
SKINSHOW FEVER shimmery champagne gold
XTREME BLACK highly pigmented matte black 

Meh: there was only two mattes and no transition shade for my skin tone, which is my excuse to get the II palette, Or, use another palette for transition and neutrals. The palette itself won’t probably work as a standalone palette unless you mostly do bright sparkly looks (I will raise my hands, I don’t leave the house unless I look slightly discoballish, no shame).  But who ever said Pat was a neutral bih? Also the names are not written on the palette itself but on a separate cardboard slip, which I will probably lose. Not exactly a killjoy but I thought Id point it out.  Price* – not everyone got $125 laying around.. you can prob find most shades duped (Ill work on a dupe post), but beware, whats killer here is that formula that will be hard to find a shade that sparkly and reflective with so little fallout in other brands.

VR Pink one swipe!

Overall: I did like it, Im biased for loving Pat but have to tip my hat and recognize the palette will become my go to staple for this holiday season and basically anytime I want to add PIZZAZ to my look.

Swatches galore:


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