Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in Crazy Nude

Purchased. Affil Link

Wanna know how delayed I am in my reviews? I bought this on my birthday in AUGUST! but hey, at least I have had plenty of time to make myself sure that not only did I completely LOVE this formula but that I also need a few more. This is my first KISS KISS lipstick, I got it at Sephora and you can buy it through our link here (affil, supports the page! use it!). The $37 price tag had me doubting for a while and I jumped the gun because around my bday I feel very bougie and all the sudden have the need for randomly expensive stuff and the urgency of gold blingy things.

Its a Leo thing.

The packaging is spectacular as if the formula already wasn’t already a great selling point. Its a frosted gold featuring the blocks these lipsticks are known for.

The formula: it dries to a satin finish but its moisturizing without being greasy or slippery; it stayed on my lips a fair amount (about 6 hours) and it fades away sofly and allows for reapplication. It reminds me of the CREME formula by Colourpop.

I swatched here without a liner but almost any nude liner would work on this shade; which weirdly enough is called CRAZY NUDE. Maybe on a darker skintone this would be a nude but on me is a darkened rose that’s very pretty for everyday now that the Fall weather is threatening to take our heat away and I gravitate towards rosier darker things..

Have you tried these? what other shades do you recommend? I am loving and feel like I need at least one more of them!!

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