Fenty Beauty haul! Review, swatches and are you a TROPHY WIFE?

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Rihanna is the newest celebrity creating cosmetics, and every time someone in the scene ventures into makeup making, I cringe and part my makeup soul dies a little. What do they know about makeup? they all got makeup artists at their beck and call to make their mug look flawless in public and even better assistants skilled in the arts of the photoshop that make their published pictures as close to perfect as can be.. needless to say, Riri is pretty flawless irl, she always has minimal but stunning eye looks (often thanks to one Lora Arellano aka Melt Cosmetics boss lady) and if she decided to put her name on yet another Fenty enterprise, go for it boo.. she’s one of those celebrities Ill forgive anything from (navy for life!) even if it is a glitter bomb yellow highlighter, but we will get to that.

My haul consisted of 4 of the 6 Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, in Metal Moon , Trophy Wife, Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak and Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby. I also got a sample of their foundation and primer and I tested that too, Ill try to cover as much as I can on this review.

The compacts come in either a duo (containing 2 x 3.5g) or a large pan (containing 8g) for Metal Moon and Trophy Wife, the compacts are white octagons with a mirror inside and a lavender pearlized finish.

The Boxes have the word Fenty (Riri’s last name) written in a graffiti like manner and the compacts themselves feel sturdy to the touch, they retail for $34. For reference, Becca’s pressed powder highlighters are $38 for 8g of product.

Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby – soft champagne sheen / supercharged peachy champagne shimmer:

left: Hu$tla Baby, Right: Mean Money.

This duo started off with a limp leg when Mean Money is seriously just a sheen, its very very light and it took a lot of swipes to get a color noticeable enough on the swatch. The powder itself was hard to swatch and not easy to maneuver at all, I tried with a brush and with finger to the same results.  Hu$tla looks prettier in pan than actually swatched, the shade is a peachy champagne but its not as supercharged in person, it took quite a few layers of powder to reach the level of extra that I’m used to. On the face it settled on pores somewhat but it did layer well without any powderiness.

Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak – soft pink sheen / supercharged peachy pink shimmer

Left Chic Phreak, right Girl Next door

This duo was more consistent and the lighter shade provided a worthy partner to its shimmery counterpart. I still find these to be on the glittery side and I’m undecided on wether to keep this one as well. It just didn’t have that wow factor once applied albeit this is a pretty sight in pan.

TROPHY WIFE/  METAL MOON: separate pans but I swatched them together below.

Trophy Wife:  3D hyper-metallic gold: this is the one that has been doing the rounds. IT IS GLITTERY and very yellow, it is not for the faint of heart as a very light swatch gives you that bright IM HERE illumination.

Initially I debated getting it as I don’t like glitter on face and to its defense, the formula adheres to your face without massive fallout. If you only use one later, its true nature as a glitter bomb is revealed, but once you layer it a bit, you can get a pretty yellow shimmer if that is your thing. I will put this on my face over the week and show you (I did today, but I was testing things on half my face and looked quite crazy).

Its very similar to Love Luxe Beauty’s YOU’RE GOLDEN (save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT) only a lighter yellow base, see below (left TW, right: YG).

Top is Trophy wife – bottom You’re golden

Metal Moon: mega-fine white gold: the Fine white gold particles of this have to be extra layered to have any real sheen be noticed, I consider this the one big flop of my haul and its definitely going back.

I also got to test out the primer and foundation!! the primer promises pore reduction, and shine stopping qualities; my sample did help mattify my skin and moisturize in prep but it did not do anything for my pores.

The sample I got of the foundation was 220 – for medium skin with warm peach undertones and I tip my hat off to Rih for the 40 shades she came out with, making it a very inclusive selection from albinism skin tones to the darkest ebony; stopping in between on yellows and olives, to cool tones and warm tones. I feel that slowly brands are realizing the need for a wider range in foundations and hopefully we can all stop mixing three shades to get our tone; especially my melanin blessed beauties, for whom its almost impossible to find a true match that doesn’t involve cross branding and a prayer to the makeup gods.

The foundation shade sample was not the exact match for my NC30 skin tone but I got a feel of the formula and will try it again with a different primer (I feel the primer separated a bit the foundation on my nose and overall did not worked well with it). The foundation itself is a medium to full coverage liquid that set itself to a semi matte finish, I will eventually venture to a sephora to get matched correctly as I did like how this felt on my skin: lightweight but covering the acne marks and little imperfections, and once I get a few more tests done with different primers I will give a further review on this.

Overall I was underwhelmed with the highlighters, they are heavy on the glitter and the duos I got were inconsistent. I know the lighter shades were meant as sheens that complement the shimmer but the formula was hard to use and make into a noticeable shade so they are going back. Metal Moon had a lot of promise but fell flat, Trophy wife is pretty and its pretty extra, I like extra but I don’t do glitter on my face, however this stays just a level under nuclear glitter bomb status so Im going to give it a chance as its growing on me.  The foundation is another story, as I do want to get my true match before I discard it, for now : let us know in the comments if you got any Fenty goods?


  1. I swatched the highlighters at Sephora when they launched and I swear I had glitter all over my body the rest of the weekend. It was bad. I ended up buying the shimmer stick (?) in Confetti. I’ve told myself multiple times to stop buying stick highlighters, yet this color was too pretty to resist…


      • I actually quite like it! The payoff is nice and it blends well on top of foundation. It’s not tacky on the skin either. But, you don’t get a lot of product for that price.


  2. Everyone has been gushing over those highlighters and I’ll just…why?! I loved the other products in the line, and I’m pretty sure that foundation formula is going to be one of my new favorites, but the highlighters were just not doing it for me…if I want to rub obnoxious gold craft glitter all over my face, I’ll go to Michaels and pay $3.99, not $34! That’s right, I said it.

    Thanks for the review!


    • Yup. Thinking as a blogger I’m keeping the trophy one, cause the formula is interesting as it’s glittery but there is no fallout whatsoever so I’m keeping it. But the rest Issa go. The foundation I’m liking but def need a different shade as the sample I got was too light


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