Moschino x Sephora Bear eyeshadow palette and shopping bag palette – swatches and review!

Purchased. Affil link


This freaking BEAR! I found out about this from an early peek on a magazine, thus starting a stalking frenzy that took me to even email Jeremy Scott (MOSCHINO designer himself) – it took me nowhere. I researched and stalked until finally there was a release day!! As a lover of all pretty packaged makeup, I stalked and stalked until the day came and only one item was released (the perfume, which I drove 3 hours to get. You get where I’m going with this?). Next release day happened on my bday and not expecting a 3am release, I woke up to a sold out notice and a bunch of people pissed off, me included. My entire birthday was spent stalking the site and fighting with the fickle trickling of items that Sephora played that day: it was in stock, now it wasn’t. Around 11pm and halfway drunk from birthday festivities I got Angela’s text that she had snagged one for me.

The next day whilst we recounted the mess that it was getting this, it suddenly restocked and I snagged another for a giveaway for you guys. I felt like I won the lotto, it was a Christmas miracle in August! Somebody call Ja Rule!!!

This has been a NIGHTMARE. Please comment what has been your craziest makeup hunt. Id love to hear from you old school MAC collectors (Rihanna release!!!) or even the newbies (Kylie anyone?)

Aaannd to the review:

The packaging is a gold metallic feeling plastic but pretty cute to have around in your vanity, however it doesn’t stand on it’s own unless you crack it open.

It has 21 shadow pans rather small, in shimmers, mattes and satins, both warm and cool tones and at $48 it’s a pretty reasonable priced item considering the shades swatched pretty well too, which is a rarity on collabs, as I feel the higher the quality of the packaging, the less companies spend on quality on the product itself (Im looking at you Too Faced!)

I did find several shades that looked similar amongst each other (mesmerize and clay, pixie dust and palace).

Of course sun has been absent so the swatches were done with artificial lighting which kinda sucks but ya get the point.

Overall the shades swatches pretty well for the most part, I was even impressed with the mattes. There is nothing here you haven’t seen before, if you have been following us and buying other palettes we’ve loved (Ace Beaute’s quintessential or any amount of Juvia’s palettes) you prob have these shades in your arsenal.

This palette is more of the gimmick of the bear for someone who doesn’t have that many palettes but I already have these shades so I can happily keep this as it’s meant to be: a memento from weeks and weeks of consumerism driven stalking.


The other palette I snagged was the shipping bag one that focuses on coppers

This one focused on the earthy warm tones and it can be easily used as a small travel palette. The lightest shade was powdery and not as pigmented and basically a dud.

Overall, being the woman child that I am, I genuinely liked the overall aesthetics of the bear itself, shade selection and quality was also good but not great and I definitely did not find a shade that made this palette a must have; but as a makeup collector I was happy to snag it and mostly for the ever so shameless IG bragging rights.

It is back at Sephora and you can purchase it HERE!!!!!!

In the meantime, let me remind you this is not a moschino toy.

(Corny but I’m keeping).

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