My review of this palette is the post before this one, if you’re interested. To sum it up, I really like it but I don’t think that most people want to drop $130 on an eyeshadow palette. I did my best to find some reasonably priced alternatives for you guys.

Here’s what I came up with


And labeled swatches!

  • per se vs Makeup Geek vintage ($6)- if you look at the pans, Per Se looks much lighter but on the skin it’s actually darker than it appears. Vintage is a shade a two darker and more plum
  • Viola vs Strobe Cosmetics Urban Princess ($6.50, -20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Viola has stronger red undertones and Urban Princess leans more purple. A closer dupe would be Jilted from the UD electric palette but I don’t like using dupes that aren’t sold individually
  • Amara vs Makeup Geek bitten ($6)- Amara might be a little bit darker but otherwise they’re very similar
  • Cyclone vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics Phoenix ($6.50, -15% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Phoenix is slightly lighter and more orange
  • Nude Vino vs Makeup Geek Wild West ($6)- both are mid-toned browns with mauve undertones. Wild West is slightly darker

  • Layla vs Devinah Cosmetics Royal ($5, -20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Royal is more purple
  • Amethyst vs Strobe Cosmetics Her Majesty ($6.50, -20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Amethyst is slightly more cool toned
  • Magnetic vs Coastal Scents Wine Berry ($1.95)- Wine Berry is brighter
  • Magnolia vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics Sun Witch ($6.50, -15% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Sun Witch is slightly more orange
  • Nude Mauve vs Colourpop Chic Happens ($5)- Nude Mauve has stronger taupe undertones

  • Juneau vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics Sagittarius ($6.50, -15% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Sagittarius is a tiny bit more pink
  • Livid vs Strobe Cosmetics Prophecy ($6.50, -20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- they both have similar plum base colors but Livid has a bluish lilac shift
  • Purpure vs Devinah Cosmetics Malibu ($5, -20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Purpure is maybe a half a shade darker
  • Dragon Bite vs Nabla Cosmetics Absinthe (€6.50, approx $7.75 USD)- this is the only one that I really wasn’t happy with. From a straight on angle they look alike but from other angles, you see the pink, purple and green that are stronger in Dragon Bite
  • Helio vs Strobe Cosmetics Strongman ($6.50, -20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Strongman is a bit more pink

There were a few that aren’t quite color enough to be considered dupes (Dragon Bite, Viola, Livid) but I did the best that I could. Hopefully this helps you to decide whether or not to splurge on the Lila Palette!


  1. So, first time ever you can buy all of the dupes for less than the palette??? I know I said I’m getting this palette and I probably will but it’s pretty far down on the priority list.


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