Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the newest addition to the Denona family… Lila! Isn’t she a beaute??

The palette comes out on September 12 and I believe it will be available on her website as well as Sephora and Beautylish. Beautylish is offering EARLY ACCESS again. If you sign up, they’ll email you a special link allowing you to purchase the palette before it’s available to the public. It will be available here on 9/12 starting at 12am PST/ 3am EST. Also Beautylish offers a 3 installment payment plan. You pay the first third when you get the palette and then there’s two more equal monthly installments. Not that I condone buying makeup that isn’t in your budget but it’s interest free and a little less painful then paying for it all at once.

The palette has 15 eyeshadows (2.5g/ .08oz each) and will retail for $129. It works out to be $3.44 per gram. Which coincidentally is nearly the exact same cost per gram as the UD Naked palettes. There’s a variety of different finishes including 4 creamy mattes, 3 duochromes, 6 metallics, 1 Chroma Crystal and 1 sheer metallic. The design of the palette is the same the others: sleek, compact, well made and executed but still simple and understated. Sidebar- I’ve heard people bitch about this packaging being to simple but I think it’s perfect. The outer material is purple to coordinate with the color theme.

Let’s take one more look before we get down to business!

Swatches in outdoor lighting:

Indoor lighting:

 Okay so first impressions… it was love at first sight for this palette and I. Pinks, purples and mauves are my three main food groups. That didn’t make any sense. Whatevs. You know what I mean. I’m green eyed, these colors look good on me. I knew I was going to get it. I passed on the Sunset Palette. It was gorgeous too but I felt like those colors were too overdone to drop that kind of dough. So yeah these colors are very much my aesthetic and although it is dupeable (everything is dupeable), I don’t feel like these are colors that we’ve seen a million times over.

As far as performance… I think most people would agree that Natasha Denona shimmers are fantastic. In previous ND palettes the two formulas that were problematic for me were the mattes and the chroma crystal finish. The mattes weren’t bad, they just weren’t my favorite. And the crystal finish shadows were kinda chunky and needed a glitter glue. The matte formula in the Star Palette was better than the original but still not my favorite. I think the mattes in this palette are the same formula as the Star Palette but for some reason, I like these way more. I may go as far as to say that I love them. The only ‘crystal’ shadow in this palette is Magnolia and it’s smooth as can be, not at all glittery or messy. 

Alright let’s meet our 15 players!

PER SAY is a deep plummy brown matte. This one swatched a teeny bit patchy but I had no issues with application on the eyes. 

VIOLA is a bright fuchsia/magenta. This is one those magic shades that will make every eye color pop!

AMARA is a deep brown matte with strong red undertones.

CYCLONE is reddish copper duochrome with an orange and gold shift. 

NUDE VINO is a medium to deep brown with berry undertones.

LAYLA is deep grayish brown with plum undertones. Great for smoking out an eye look!

AMETHYST is a vibrant cool toned purple. 

MAGNETIC is a bright strawberry pink/fuchsia.

MAGNOLIA is light honey gold with a metallic finish.

NUDE MAUVE is a mid-toned dusty mauve.
JUNEAU is pale lavender. The finish is called ‘sheer metallic’. It’s an ideal layering shade. 

LIVID is a medium to dark plum metallic with a bluish lilac shift. 

PURPURE is mid-toned metallic cranberry

DRAGON BITE is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I loooooooove this color! And it’s so unique. I’ve been going nuts trying to find a dupe. It has a very strong pinkish red base that shifts purple with a shimmery green overlay. It’s the crowning jewel of this palette, imo.

HELIO is a rose gold metallic with mauve undertones.

The only thing that I would change about this palette is swapping out Nude Mauve or Per Say for a slightly lighter dusty rose that could be used as a transition color. People with fair skin might have a hard time using only this palette since there aren’t any light mattes.
So do you NEED it? Absolutely not. I’m never going to tell someone that they need a $130 eyeshadow palette. But if you want to treat yourself to some high quality, luxury makeup then yes, I would def suggest grabbing the Lila Palette! She’s corrected the few formula issues that I had with her previous palettes and I think every shade is fantastic. I am working on dupes so that post will be up soon! Here’s a little sneak peek…


  1. On Lauren Mae’s dupe video for this palette I saw comments suggesting Coastal Scents Cherry Moss and Makeup Geek Ritzy as potential dupes for Dragon Bite 🙂


  2. Your review was the one I’ve been waiting on to make a decision. The swatches I’ve seen before yours seemed kinda out of order and weren’t labelled. I knew you’d break it down and make sense of it for me.

    I don’t understand how Amara, Cyclone, Nude Vino and Magnolia fit the purple theme. They seem to follow more of the orange/red theme we’ve been seeing all year. Now that you’ve had time to play with the palette do you find yourself using those shades with the more purple based tones?

    I know I’m going to buy this. I really knew it the second I saw it but I was pretending I had a choice… I am bummed about those four shades though because for 120.00 bucks I’d like to hit pan on the whole palette. Maybe when I see it in person I’ll see where they fit in or maybe you can shed some light on it for me.

    Loves to y’all.


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