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Sorry for the delay guys! The Looxi Beauty Wonder’fall collection was released last Friday. It includes 14 eyeshadows: 7 shimmers and 7 mattes. They’re $5 each or you can buy all 14 for $60. Plus our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 10%. The bundle is currently sold out and so are a few of the singles but most are still in stock. And I’m sure she’ll be doing a full restock asap.
Before we get into the eyeshadows, I also wanted to show you guys her new XL magnetic palettes!

The one thing that people really seemed to like about z palettes is the clear window, that allows you to see what’s inside. And guess what?? The Looxi palettes have them too! The outside has the Looxi logo (the same as the sleeves that the eyeshadows come in).

 They’re the same size as the xl Z palette and they also come with a protective sleeve. 

They hold 35 regular eyeshadows and 19 36mm highlighters. And they’re only $20 (or $18 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT).

Okay! Now let’s get to the good stuff! The new mattes are pretty but the shimmers are stars of this collection, imo. 

They’re all so sparkly and they’ve got that dense ‘foiled’ formula. They apply perfectly with a brush and have beautiful, saturated pigmentation. 

Shiver is deep steely blue.

Enchanted is mid-toned bluish purple.

His Sweater is grayish blue green.

Don’t Leaf Me is a foiled olive green

Birch is a warm metallic gold.

Cider is a reddish copper.

Amber is a coppery bronze.

All seven are gorgina but my top pics are Don’t Leaf Me, Cider, Birch and Amber. Only because I like those colors best. The formula of the others is just as good. 

And zee mattes! I’ve got mixed feelings about these guys. While I love her color choices, I feel like she altered her formula a bit. These feel like they’re harder pressed. Which is great because they’re less delicate and there’s also less fall out but they don’t seem to be as pigmented as my other Looxi mattes. And I liked her old formula. It’s a matter of preference of course and I suppose that I prefer a softer matte. I’d rather have intense pigmentation and deal with the kick up and fall out. But again, that’s just my opinion. 

Jack-o is a bright orange.

Cardigan is muted grayish green.

Cappuccino is deep brown with mauve undertones.

Cuddle is a dusty mauve. 

Raisin Hell is bright, matte eggplant. 

Pistachio is a light olive green. 

Butterscotch is warm mid-toned brown with yellow undertones.

Out of the mattes I felt like the browns and greens performed best. Unfortunately my three favorite colors the mauve, purple and orange didn’t seem as pigmented as the rest.

I definitely recommend all the of the shimmers. They’re perfection! And as far as the mattes, I’d suggest getting one to try. Just because I don’t like this formula as much as her old mattes, doesn’t mean that you’ll feel the same way! 

Have you gotten anything from this collection yet? And if so, let us know your opinion on the mattes!

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