Colourpop Cosmetics Brow Boss Pencil and gel – swatches and comparison

Pr sample.

Colourpop is dropping new pencils! On Thursday 8/24 there will be 4 new brow additions to the brow fam called “BROW BOSS PENCIL” along with a clear brow gel.

The shades are:


Light brown

Dark brown

Soft black

The new pencils are designed to give a more natural look for a casual filling in. I personally already have a lot of brow going on so this product is perfect since all I do to my brows is a bit of shaping and setting.

At first i didn’t see much difference on the previous existing pencils (precision brow pencil) but once you swatch, it’s obvious the new offerings are much lighter in formula than the current brow pencils.

The clear brow gel is currently on testing mode- I shall let you guys know today how it performed

The new pencils will retail for $5 and the brow gel stands at $6.

Are you picking any up!?

I found the current brow pencils to be super pigmented so I always needed a light hand whereas these are basically foolproof since they provide delicate hairlike strokes

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