Dose Of Colors x Desi x Katy: FUEGO highlighter; review, swatches and affordable DUPE!

Purchased. Affil code.

I love me some pretty packaging. You can probably sell me anything that’s in a pretty sparkly compact and I’ll drive away happy and content.

Desi Perkins and Lustrelux (Katy) did a COLLAB with Dose of Colors and I picked up the one FUEGO highlighter hoping it was not a dud (my previous experiences with DOC highlighters have not been too exciting, I felt the powders were chunky and hard to pick up with a brush) this time, the formula is def improved with a fine soft texture and high beamed finish. I’ve used it all weekend and the highlighter def foils itself without accentuating pores which is a big deal in my book.

FUEGO is a tan gold highlighter, best applied with a fan brush. Pigmented enough that you need a little for a a bright look.

The one problem is that is never in stock, so I compared it to Looxi Beauty’s LA BELLE and CREME DE LA CREME – see below for multiple lighting pictures.

CREME is closer and it’s also available now! You can purchase here and save 10% at Looxi Beauty with our code BEAUTYCULT.

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