Popsugar is a $39 a month subscription box for women that includes beauty and lifestyle products. I usually either love or hate what they include. This month was kinda meh. Here’s what I got…

PASTEL CHEERS LACQUERED TRAY ($28)- I love stuff like for product photos. I’d like it 95% more if it didn’t say ‘Cheers’ in the middle. But I’ll use it nonetheless.

FIRST AID BEAUTY 5 IN 1 BOUNCY MASK ($38)- this is my favorite item in the box. I’ve like every FAB product that I’ve ever tried including this mask. It’s hydrating with a light cucumber scent. It’s not a miracle worker but my skin looks and feels good the day after using it. 

DOGEARED FRIENDSHIP BRACELET ($34)- I thought this was cute when I first saw it… then I saw the price. $34 for two pieces of effing string?! Are you out of your damn mind Dogeared?! Who would pay $34 for this bs? Not me. That’s for damn sure.


GOODIE GIRL COOKIES ($3)- gluten free cookies. Some things need gluten. Cookies are one of them. 

FRINGE STUDIO FREE SPIRIT JOURNAL ($16)- I keep a workout journal when I’m training for something or just feeling anal so I’ll probably use it for that eventually.

SHOPTIQUES.COM $25 GIFT CARD- I haven’t used this yet but I looked at the website. It’s a pretty cool site. There’s all kinds of stuff on it. I saw a dress that was $1200 and a dress that was $12. They also have a bunch of home type stuff. But I usually suck at remembering to use gift cards when Popsugar includes them. 

Popsugar is $39 a month and this box was valued at just over $150. Assuming that we’re still pretending a piece of string is worth $34 that is. I like the mask and the tray and I might use the gift card. The rest of the stuff was forgettable. Not the worst box ever but def not the best.

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