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May I present… the ‘Fantasy’ Palette! It’s Love Luxe Beauty’s first ever palette and it launches on August 18. It is limited edition. The palette includes six 37mm multipurpose powders that can be used as highlighters or eyeshadows. Two of the shades are part of her permanent line (WMAMO and WUAMO) and the other four are brand new drenched powders. It retails for $42 but you can use the code BEAUTYCULT to save 10%. This is an affiliate code so if you choose to it, Emma and myself will receive a commission on the sale. We appreciate your support but if you’re not comfortable with using it, we still love you!

The drenched powders are ultra pigmented and creamy and they apply best with fingers. So if you’re someone who only likes using brushes, this probably isn’t the palette for you. You can use a brush but it’s difficult to get a smooth application. I did the swatches with my fingers because it was easier. 

What Mermaids are Made of (WMAMO) and What Unicorns are Made of (WUAMO) are not drenched powders so you can easily apply these two with a brush. WMAMO is a mixture of green, gold, teal and violet. WUAMO is teal, gold, pink and purple. 

Shooting Star is probably my favorite. It’s the shinest, most metallic antique silver I’ve ever seen.

Illusion is fuchsia with a silvery overlay. 

Trip and Spark are white based duochromes. They’d be gorgeous highlighters on fair skin but they’re also ideal lid toppers.

Here’s some quick one swipe swatches  just so you can see how pigmented they are.
If you’re a fan of Love Luxe’s drenched powders then the Fantasy Palette is a must have! I love all six colors especially Shooting Star and Illusion and the girly design of the palette embodies what Love Luxe is all about. Will you adding this baby to your collection??


  1. I recently stumbled on your blog via searching for unique indie highlighters. I really fell in love with what I saw so I placed an order for this palette with your discount code. thank you and I can’t wait to have it on my face. Plus the packaging is gorgeous too!


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