Juvia’s Place Brushes pictures and savings code!

Pr sample. Affiliate code. 

Neopolitan ice-cream! ok lets get that out of the way!!! The new Juvia’s Place face brushes are dropping 8-11-17. The set will retail for $18 and with our affil code “BEAUTYCULT” they will come down to $16.20 !!!

Click here for Juvia’s Place brush page!

The set constitutes of 3 face brushes with cream colored handles, gold ferrules and tricolored synthetic bristles, bringing the softness back to the guilt free brush hoarder’s life. There is one large powder brush with a tapered point that can be used for bronzer or for setting powder. The second brush is smaller, also tapered but more of a blush offering. The third brush is a smaller flat ended brush that can be used as a highlighting brush or to apply powder or cream contour. I have a brush like this that I also use to set my eye primer on the lid.

This set is the face counterpart to the current eyeshadow brush set already out (keeps going in and out of stock, so sign up for notifications on their webpage) that includes 5 eyeshadow brushes in the same tricolor bristles.

Currently retailing at $15 which is the cheapest Ive ever seen a brush set go that is this good in quality. (10% off makes the whole set $13.50).

The set is pretty complete with two types of blending brushes, a crease brush, a shader brush with a flat top (Foiling!!) and a small detail brush.


The red and gold 9 set is the big league of brush sets, it contains 9 brushes in total with a combination of face and eye brushes with a shiny vermilion handle and gold ferrule. The bristles have two

shades emulating a duo fiber type of deal; however these are synthetic. I don’t take this lightly when I say: these are some bunny butt soft brushes… unbelievable.

This set retails for $40 and comes to $36 and change with our code.

Im including the Pink and Turquoise brush sets on this post because they happen to just have been restocked!

we talked about these in the past so Im only showing you some pictures so you refresh your memory.

As always I suggest washing your brushes prior to using, this will remove any type of packing solution from the factory; and hang bristles down to dry.

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