The AMT dupe guidelines are as follows:

1. Must be sold individually. Dupes in other palettes are only helpful if you already own the palette.
2. Must be cruelty free. Sorry mac.
3. Must be good quality.
4. Lastly I do my best to find affordable options but I don’t have any $2 eyeshadows. They’re mostly in the $5-6 range. The combined cost of the dupes is ALWAYS going to be more than the cost of the palette. I’m not a fucking wizard. Jeez. Sorry about that. Every time I do a dupe post some helpful person (and by ‘helpful person’ I mean ‘asshole’. Hopefully that was implied.) likes to let me know that it would cheaper to just buy the palette. My right eyelid has already started twitching in anticipation.

Alright loves of my life! We have dupes! It’s been raining all day so they’re kinda dark. Sidebar- I have a lightbox but I hate artificial light. 

Indoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

 🔸️axis vs makeup geek time travel ($6)- axis is darker

🔸️mercury vs makeup geek brownie points ($6)- mercury is darker

🔸️all star vs makeup geek cherry COLA ($6)- all star is lighter and slightly more red

🔸️adorn vs makeup geek legend ($10)- these two are nearly identical I think

🔸️destiny vs makeup geek dirty martini ($6)- destiny is a little more brown

🔸️dawn vs makeup geek beaches and cream ($6)- beaches and cream is lighter

🔸️cube vs beauty escape cosmetics Lyra ($6.50, save 15% with code BEAUTYCULT)- cube is more pink

🔸️rowdy vs colourpop razy ($5)- rowdy is darker

🔸️edge vs colourpop paper tiger ($5)- paper tiger is a tiny bit more orange

🔸️untamed vs makeup geek enchanted forest ($6)- enchanted forest is more muted

🔸️new wave vs makeup geek chickadee ($6)- chickadee is slightly more yellow

🔸️fudge vs devinah cosmetics bambi ($5, save 20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- fudge is darker

🔸️electric vs makeup geek karma ($6)- electric is more sheer

🔸️Roxy vs devinah cosmetics naevia ($5, save 20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- naevia is slightly more orange

All and all I’m pretty happy with these dupes. For the most part the abh mattes are pigmented than the colors I compared them with. But that seems to be making them difficult to blend so I don’t know if that’s a plus or minus. I just thought it was worthy noting. If you guys have any other dupe suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!! The Viseart dark mattes palette also has a lot of similar shades  


  1. OMG do people really get upset about the prices? Here’s the thing I love about these posts, alot of the dupes you found, alot of us makeup lovers already have, so we essentially save money not needing to go buy the palette when we already have similar colors. For those that don’t then yes the palette is cheaper. I love this, you did a great job, the colors in this palette really catch my eye, but I’ve heard so many bad reviews I’m scared to get this palette, but I can still create looks similar with what I already have. Thank you!


  2. Amazing! I appreciate this so much. You tubers seems to use a lot of Mac & brands that Ive personally never tried like the brand that starts with a “d” & looxi. I really appreciate you including colourpop. I have razy & have been searching for a dupe for that shade since this palette launched. Now that you’ve shown the comparison, I’m in awe. I’ve had it all along. Lol. Thanks so much girl!


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