Although I really like this palette and I’ve been using it regularly, most of the colors aren’t very unique. Here’s some dupe options if you liked a few shades but don’t want to buy the whole palette.

I picked the closest and most affordable shades that are sold individually but there’s tons of other options in palettes (modern renaissance, viseart dark mattes, juvia’s place etc). I’m sure most you have similar mattes already in your collection but the shimmers are a little more unique. A few of the colors that I picked are a little off but they’re close enough to give you the same look.

 🔸️ounce vs makeup geek mirage ($6)- miracle is more yellow

🔸️chaser vs makeup geek beaches & cream ($6)- beaches & cream is more pigmented and brighter

🔸️sauced vs makeup geek bake sale ($6)- bake sale is a little more cool toned

🔸️low blow vs makeup geek tiki hut ($6)- tiki hut has stronger yellow undertones

🔸️lumbre vs makeup geek cosmopolitan ($6)- lumbre is a little more copper

🔸️he devil vs colourpop popular demand ($5)- popular demand is lighter

🔸️dirty talk vs devinah cosmetics illicit ($5, save 20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- dirty talk is more red

🔸️scorched vs devinah cosmetics diva ($5, save 20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- scorched is more orange

🔸️cayenne vs makeup geek cabin fever ($6)- cabin fever is darker

🔸️en fuego vs looxi beauty spiced ($5, save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT)- spiced is more red

🔸️ashes vs colourpop razy ($5)- razy is more plum

🔸️ember vs makeup geek steampunk ($6)- steampunk is darker

So if there were only a few shades in this palette that you wanted, hopefully this post has given you a few options!

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