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Devinah Cosmetics: Dirty Beautiful Collection 2.0 ‘Meet me at the beach’

Here she is guys! Devinah Cosmetics second duochrome collection! It drops on Friday August 11 at 12:01 am PST and this release will be a little different from the first set. The full collection includes a customized magnetic palette (which will only be sold as part of the set. Not separately) and nine 36mm duochrome eyeshadows. But this time the shadows will be sold individually right away. 

Prices- the full collection will be $72 ($124 value) and the shadows will be regularly priced at $12. Our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT is usually for 20% off but for the weekend of the release only (August 11-13), the discount will be increased to 30%! With the higher discount, the palette will cost $50.40 and the shadows will be $8.40 each.

Alright! Let’s get into some swatches!

Here’s a closer look at the first three of the nine new shades.

 In person Redondo shifts orange, Hermosa shifts pink and Zuma shifts red. 

Redondo is a bright barbie pink. It has an apricot shift. 

Hermosa is a soft sparkly peachy gold. It has a strong pink to coral shift and also an iridescent green shift. And it is one hell of highlighter!! If you were smart enough to pick up the previous collection then I don’t need to you about how amazing these formulas are! But for everyone else, these specialty shadows are ultra finely milled but not the least bit powdery. They don’t have much glitter but they do have tons delicate sparkle that makes them come alive when the light hits them.

Zuma. Mother-friggin Zuma. I’ve never seen anything like Zuma before! It has an orange rust base with a heavy sheen of green iridescence. And then it has the most breathtaking fiery red shift. If you only get one shade, it needs to be Zuma. It’s going to look gorgeous on all of you.

And the next three!

Marina Del Rey is mossy green. It has a deep grayish brown base with heavy emerald green shimmer.

Chace Park is like molten antique bronze. Sometimes it looks bronze, others is looks gold and occasionally there’s a flash green.

And Venice! I’m in love with this one too. It reminds me a lot of Makeup Geek Hologram. It’s a coral pink with tons of shimmer. It shifts to a light apricot to gold and green. A must have for green and hazel eyes! And another shade that will double as a kick ass highlighter.

And the final three!

El Porto is a pearly pink with a heavy lavender and teal shift. And it’s another shade that will be an excellent highlighter!

Dock Weiler has a grayish brown base with a heavy plum shift. 

Pismo is a peachy nude with blue shimmer. It shifts yellow and orange. 

And there you have it! All nine of the new shades! Getting the palette is definitely the best deal. If you shop this weekend and take advantage of the 30% off special, it’s only $50. But if you only wanted to get a few of the eyeshadows, my top recommendations are Zuma, Venice, Hermosa and Marina Del Rey!

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