Macy’s Beauty Box subscription – August 2017 review


After years of the rumor mill going about Macy's beauty box – it finally arrived making its debut this August.
The box is $15 and it arrived around the 6th making it one of the early sub boxes to arrive at my doorstep this month.
It contained 6 sample sized items and a $5 coupon for Macys Beauty making it $10 altogether.
The bag it came in was a specially designed bag, quite cute with designs on the front and bla bla bla: you're bored already right!? Exactly. I felt it lacked pizzaz along with not being able to customize it I canceled mid sentence. I legit stopped writing this post to go cancel the damn thing. Sorry not sorry.
The items:
Tarte Maracuja Oil : I have about 3 samples of this and haven't used it. Says a lot about my enthusiasm.

Mac False Lashes mascara: I hate sample sizes this small! I wish mac would get the point and make deluxe samples since a lot of us never actually buy the full size and just live off the samples! Geez!

Smashbox covershot eyeshadow duo: it's pretty and also meh. I know their shadows are nice but it was exactly two shades I didn't bother photographing. Not even a quad smashbox!?$ really!?

Philosophy Purity Made simple; I used this in the past and loved it, but as a blogger, I need heavy duty makeup removing potions and this has turned more as a facewash to me at this point.

BENEFIT cosmetics – give me brow volumizing fiber gel. It's basically a gel to make your brows look thicker. Lols have you seen my brows!? Do I need more volume? Martin Scorsese says no.

CAROLINA HERRERA good Girl perfume / the full size of this perfume is in the shape of a shoe so I obviously want to like this perfume so I can have a pretty fake shoe on my vanity. Which I'll prob never use cause I only use two perfumes in my whole life.

Overall I felt these were items that launched years ago that aren't selling and are needing of a revamp in their marketing, most of which I've tried before for free; which is not what I envisioned from a sub box. I expect a sub box to be at least one new items to discover and sample so for this same reason: I'm out.

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