COLOURPOP COSMETICS “No Filter Concealer” reviews and swatches and Brushes overview.

Pr sample

Alright boys and girls, time to hide them imperfections cause them insta selfies aren't going to like themselves!
I'll make this quick, there are 15 shades dropping tomorrow and at $6 you can afford to pick up a few if you're not sure if the shad; I suspect the naming convention is similar that of mac cosmetics with the numbers and whatnot but don't quote me on this as I haven't compared. However I am an NC30 and my perfect concealer shade for coverup is MEDIUM 30.

I ran a test today and used the shade LIGHT NEUTRAL 15 to highlight and it did oxidize a bit, so go a shade lighter than you would if you mean to use this to highlight. The consistency is similar that of shape tape, its creamy and not runny, it allows for play before it dries and it's full coverage. I layered quite a bit and it didn't cake up or crease on my lines (and I have lines). I did set my undereye with RCMA powder.

There are quite a few shades, so I used DEEP GOLDEN 60 to contour, I didn't set it with bronzer so it didn't really show up on my face lols. I'm half asleep here guys. However I do wish there are a bit more cooler tones in the future as I like contouring with a more cooler toned shade.

The applicator is similar to the glosses one, its wide enough to cover without overdoing it.

YAY: variety of shades, consistency, blends well, $6 hello!
MEH: some lighter shades oxidize – plan on getting a shade lighter if you'll use this as brightener. Need more cooler tones to use as cream contour lol.
More swatches:

There are 12 brushes coming out! I recognize the blending, shader and angle brush but now they come in a white handle with the option of getting a brush roll with the set.

These are the brushes!

Full disclosure I will only talk about the brushes I have actually used and tested.
I tried the large face brush and it was quite soft to the touch and blended powder well, I have a ton of synthetic brushes and they are not this soft, I liked it and would recommend it at $11.
The fan brush worked well for súper shock highlighters but it did not pick up enough powder on my pressed powder highlighters. At $7 still a bargain if you plan using it with super shock but if you already are ok with using your fingers, skip this.
The eye shaders and blending brush were already permanent and I already have expressed I liked them, they blend SSS as well as powder and they are soft and easy to use. At $6 they're a steal.
The angle brush is another favorite of mine as it's the thinnest I have and retain its shape after much use (my original angle brush) this new one feels slightly thicker but not by much and it still delivered a thin line.
Overall I think the price point is ok, a lot of people have complained about the prices comparing them to morphe and others, but I will say this now: I have morphe brushes (I gave into the hype a while back) that were more costly and are far scratchy than these, wet and wild are too flimsy and almost feel like a toy. These are very good quality for a synthetic brush and if I had not gotten them via Pr I would prob buy a few. Maybe not all; the blush brush feels a little too small for my face.
That said: hold your phones tight cause the release is tomorrow and there is pressed powders and a palette restock to think about!

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