Sephora Play is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that exclusively features products that are sold at Sephora. Every month you get 5 deluxe samples, a perfume sample and a card that’s redeemable in store for 50 beauty insider points. I’ve got mixed feelings about Sephora Play, mostly because the majority of what they include are GWP type items. Here’s what I got this month…

BRIOGEO ROSARCO MILK LEAVE IN CONDITIONING SPRAY ($4)- I’ve got a strange prejudice against Briogeo. They didn’t do anything to me personally but they have this deep conditioner that I absolutely despise and I swear there was a three month span where I got it in EVERY subscription box and a result, I now have a deep seeded resentment. But actually I like sprays like this. It gets my knots out and I feel like it protects my hair from the blow dryer. Not sure if there’s any proof to that theory but I’m going with it. 

FRESH ROSE FACE MASK ($12.50)- I like getting masks from subscription boxes. I just used this one last night and I enjoyed it. It smells yummy and you know it’s good because it has bits of twigs and sticks and shit in it. Wouldn’t buy it but I still liked using it

CAUDALIE GLOW ACTIVATING ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM ($17)- I like Caudalie products but the thing with serums is that you have to use them for awhile to see results. This one feels nice on the skin but I doubt I’ll see any difference from using this sample a few times. 

TARTE COLOR SPLASH LIPSTICK in SET SAIL ($6)- this is nice. It’s your average satin lipstick formula. Comfy. Pretty color. Very nice but nothing to write home about.

BOBBI BROWN EYE OPENING MASCARA ($12)- I’ll never complain about getting mascara. And I normally like a fat brush but when it’s a sample size with a short wand, I end up getting mascara all over my eyelid. But I use it regardless.

CLEAN RESERVE SUEDED OUD ($1)- this has a musky woodsy type. It’s unusual. Not overly feminine. I actually really like it. 

This month’s value was over $50. Normally Sephora Play averages around $30 so this was a good month in that regard. Not my favorite but definitely not the worst either. Ipsy and Popsugar reviews still to come!

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