The following items were sent as press samples. We’re not otherwise affiliated with Rani Cosmetics.

Next on the review docket… the new Rani Cosmetics Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipsticks which launch on the 22nd at 10am PST! If you’re not familiar, Rani was founded by beauty blogger, YouTuber and all around babe Eshani Patel, also known as Total Makeup Junkie 101. This is the second collection from this brand, the first was bullet lipsticks. I reviewed those a few months ago, here and absolutely loved them so I was stoked to get these in the mail. All of her products are cruelty free, made in the US and vegan.

What’s really friggin cool about these two collections is that they’re designed to work together. Each liquid lipstick has a coordinating shade from the previous release. So you know how mid-day your liquid lipstick starts getting dry and gross? With these instead of having to use lip balm or start over completely, you can touch up and add moisture with the matching lipstick shade and you’re back in business! 

And the details! She has some of the most beautiful, well designed packaging that I’ve ever seen. You can really tell that she’s put her whole heart and soul into creating this line. 

The shades are gorgeous too. They were created with POC in mind but somehow they flatter me as well. And I’m one of the whitest women alive.

Alright let’s get into some swatches!

Chai has a deep brown base with purple and blue shimmer and a subtle chai latte scent. 

Lunar is a deep purple with pink shimmer and a coconut scent.

Rose is a vibrant magneta with pink and gold shimmer and you guessed it! A rose scent.

Hindi is a deep red with pink and gold shimmer and a strawberry scent. 

Mango is a bright red orange with pink and orange shimmer and a mango scent. 

Henna is a caramel scented nude with pink and gold shimmer. 

Okay what else… the scents! They’re very subtle. Since I know what the scents are, I can detect it but it’s very light. A nice added touch but nothing that should scare you off if you’re sensitive to scent. 

The applicators may look basic but they’re actually kinda perfect. They’re tapered and stiff enough that I don’t need a lip liner. And I’m not talented with my lip application so that’s really saying something.

I would say that these are more of lip cream than a traditional liquid lipstick. They do dry down and last a good 6 hours but they’re not completely transfer proof. And they’re also not drying so bonus points there. 

You can use them alone or as a base for their coordinating lipstick shade. Eshani has a great video on her YouTube showing how they look paired together. 

The lipsticks will be $20 each. The 6 shade bundle will be $110. The lipstick + liquid lipstick duos will be $35. 

I absolute recommend picking up at least one of the duos. My personal favs are Henna and Mango. These are a very unique product and they’re stunning. And on a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of working with probably dozens of indie brands at this point. They all put their heart and soul into their products but Rani truly goes above and beyond. I’m so impressed with this brand and honored for the opportunity to share these products with you. I really hope that you’ll give Rani Cosmetics a try and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

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