​Oh shit you guys! I’m feelin dis one!!! Honestly I get kinda giddy any time I swatch a palette that’s not a variation of the same warm tones. Don’t get me wrong, I love those warm tones but enough is enough! This is the ‘She’ palette from the Karrueche x Colourpop collection. It’s only $16 but because it’s so affordable you’ve got to be on the ball if you want one. These babies sell out fast. The restock date is tomorrow, 10am PST.

First, the packaging is gorgeous. Who doesn’t love roses?? And the color selection is delicate and feminine. I love the mixture of mauves and berry tones and the quality is what I’ve grown to expect from CP pressed shadows. My only constructive criticism is that I would’ve like to have seen a few more mattes. 

 Outdoor swatches

Indoor swatches

Favorites marked *

Ladylike: metallic soft ivory

Babe: satin light peachy pink


Dainty: metallic pinky taupe*

Chick: metallic subtle gold

Mademoiselle: metallic rose gold


Gal: metallic red with copper duochrome* This one is absolutely incredible. Like I’m tempted to buy two palettes just to have back ups of this color.  

Empress: metallic mid-tone pink plum*

Filly: metallic rusty orange*

Dear: matte warm rose*

Missy: matte deep burgundy*

Damsel: matte smokey violet*

Duchess: matte dusty coral*
So I just realized that including the * was kinda pointless because I love every color. If I were to do collab with a brand, my palette would look almost exactly like this. If there were 3 more mattes, it would be perfect! But nevertheless I still strongly recommend picking up the She palette when it’s restocked tomorrow!


      • I just bought 2 of the whole sets that are being sold at $40 each. I’m so excited!! It took a while, too. The ColourPop site was down several times. But, luckily when it came back, my items were still in my cart. Thanks for the heads up!!


  1. I could really kick myself for missing out on this one!!! I absolutely LOVE these shades – pinks, rose, plum, etc. I was totally off my game and not prepared for this release and I’m so sad!!! Do you know if its gone for good??


    • It isn’t! You can leave your email addy for the next restock. I just did because I love mine so much that I want another!


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