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Looooooooook what I have!!! It’s the new Nabla Cosmetics Freedomnation collection for summer 17! 

It includes:

⚘4 Diva Crime Lipstick in lilac packaging: Reverse, Bohéme, Perfect Day, Goa

⚘2 Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick: Fetish Mauve, Antimatter

⚘10 Eyeshadows: Millennium, Freestyler, Mystic, On The Road, Alchemy, Virgin Island, Lotus, Eresia, New Heaven, Blue Velvet

⚘2 Blossom Blushes: Habana, Happytude

⚘2 Shade & Glow: Monoi, Obsexed

⚘2 Dazzle Liner: Crystal, Purity

⚘2 Liberty Palettes

And they have some special offers going on… 10% OFF ALL EYE MAKEUP PRODUCTS, 50% OFF WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and DISCOUNTED BUNDLES UP TO 20% OFF!!

So of course we had to start with the eyeshadows! The prices vary slightly depending on the finish but they range from around $8- $11. And these are larger sized pans. Also don’t forget that all of their eye makeup is 10% off and international shipping is 50% off until July 23.

On the road and Freestyler are satin finish (€6.50, approx $7.50 USD). On the road is a chocolatey bronze with red undertones. 

Freestyler is a smoky blue with gold shimmer.

Virgin Island (€9.90, approx $11 USD) is ‘celestial’ finish. The texture of these remind me of UD moondust shadows. Virgin Island is a sparkly teal that shifts blue, pink and lavender. 

New Heaven and Blue Velvet are super mattes (€7.90, $9 USD). New Heaven is a bright teal with smooth intense pigmentation.

Blue Velvet is a deep intense navy. Let me tell you girls, a good navy shadow is hard to find and this one is amazing! It’s richly pigmented and not at all patchy.

 All five are beautiful and I love Nabla’s formulas but the showstopper here (imo) is Virgin Island. I’ll have to do a macro post for her so you can better appreciate her glory. The mattes are really good as well. I know that MUG has something to New Heaven but I would definitely recommend getting Blue Velvet. Also Freestyler would be hard to pass up.

And the second half!

Millennium is a light apricot with peach and red reflects. It will be an amazing highlighter too.

 Mystic is a pinky taupe. 

Alchemy is one of their ‘celestial’ finish shadows. These remind me a lot of UD moondust shadows and this one in particular is incredible. It’s a teal duochrome with pink and purple reflects. I’ve got a few potential dupes in mind for this one. Hopefully I’ll swatch them for you guys soon. 

The last two are matte purples, a light orchid and a deep eggplant.

 These two are must haves for brown and green eyes!

I love Nabla eyeshadows and I’m thrilled to swatch a collection that doesn’t have a single red or orange! Hallelujah! Something different!

These are the new face products from Nabla summer collection! The pans are around $12 and the compacts are about $16. 

Both blushes are matte. Habana is a bright peachy orange.

Happytude is a bright pink.

The bronzer is satin. I’m all about a satin bronzer this summer! Monoi is a warm brown with a subtle gold sheen.

 And the crowning jewel, IMO, is the highlighter. ‘Obsexed’ is peachy pink duochrome and I think it might be a dupe for the new Becca champagne Bellini highlighter. 

And the lippies! The Diva Crime lippies in the lavender packaging are LE. Mostly everything else in the Freedomnation collection (except the liquid liners) is permanent. The regular lippies are about $15 and the liquid lipsticks are around $17.

Goa is a deep reddish bronze with a metallic finish.

Perfect Day is soft red.

Boheme is pinky mauve.

Reverse is a dusty lilac.

Fetish mauve is similar to Boheme in color but in a liquid formula.

Antimatter is a metallic rose gold.

I love all of these colors, especially Reverse! I would never buy a pastel lavender color like that so I’m surprised by how much I like it. Boheme is a very ‘me’ color too. Honestly this whole damn collection has me shooketh.

And last but not least… the Dazzle Liners!! Klimt actually wasn’t part of this collection, I think it was released in the collection before this one. But I hadn’t swatched it yet so I threw her into the mix. 

Crystal is a bright aqua.

 Purity is a pearl with pink, red and orange reflects. 

Klimt is a bright gold with an almost red shift.

I love these liners! They’re around $13 each and worth every penny. All three are gorgeous but it surprises me to say that Klimt is my favorite. Normally Purity would automatically be my fav because I lose my shit over anything with peachy reflects. But that damn gold! It’s so bright and metallic and glorious! Ugh! The blue and white are LE. Not sure about Klimt. 

So out of the whole collection, my top recommendations are the eyeshadows (pretty much all of them), the highlighter and these eyeliners. But the lippies are gorgeous too. Keep in mind that everything is permanent except for the lippies in the lavender packaging and these two eyeliners.


Em’s swatches:

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