And we have swatches! 



 I don’t think codes will be valid on this guy but the homies @dupethat have one ‘DUPETHAT’ that you could try anyway. It may or may not take 10% off.  Okay so mini review… 

The good- I love the packaging. The inside is white but it’s got that plastic-y type coating that you can wipe off so it’ll stay clean. Bonus points for that! I enjoy @shopvioletvoss’s eyeshadow formula, especially since they reformulated it. I haven’t used this palette on my eyes yet but it swatched very nicely. The mattes are creamy and I love the foiled shimmers.

The not so good- it kinda looks like every other Violet Voss palette. There’s similar mattes in all of their palettes. And Laura Lee and Drenched Metal has similar shimmers. Ride or Die has similar shades to every color in this palette besides the blue. So if you have that one, then you definitely don’t NEED this palette unless you want to support Nicol. Not saying these colors are exact dupes for previous shades. I haven’t done any comparison swatches. But inarguably the colors in this palette are comparable to what we’ve seen in their previous palettes.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE oranges and warm browns. Love them! If I did a collab I’d probably include them too. And there’s a few really gorgeous shimmers (palm tree and gigi!). So it’s hard for me not to recommend getting it. But the bottom line is that I doubt this palette would add a lot of diversity to most people’s collections.

If you don’t already own a VV palette or if you’re a big fan of Nicol then yes, definitely get it! Otherwise you can probably live without it. Just keeping it trill y’all.

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