Sephora Pro Palette: Editorial Pro Pigments 

Purchased. Affiliate link. 
Alrighty then the Editorial @Sephorapro pro pigments palette saves the day, you can buy it HERE

 I just reviewed the cool toned one on the previous post and started this with the utmost disdain, halfway through I was quickly vindicated on my initial judgement of getting it. It’s not the best Im terms of formula as there is still dryness and powderiness but the shades are mostly pigmented with a few bad exceptions. I won’t go shade by shade like before but note on the most noticeable shades either good or bad. 

ROW 1:

ROW 1: ICE Is that metallic silver shimmer, it was hard to adhere to a dry brush or even on the finger, it crumbled everywhere on the pan. The other shades were fairly easy to apply with fingers but still a bit dry to apply with brush. They were mostly white based opalescent shades but we have seen these made by indie cosmetics already. 

ROW 2 

 the only shade here that gave me problems was tangerine as it applied patchy with or without primer. The rest were really good on pigmentation, they layered well and this is a no primer no base application. The brights were really vibrant and color payoff was amazing. 

ROW 3. 

The two shades JEFFERY and HELEN P were a tad difficult to apply evenly, I have yet to find a chartreuse that would swatch even; the rest of the shades were quite lovely and that blue is my new love. 

ROW 4 

Are all metallic and they all performed quite well too, the best shade was a PATRIDGE dupe called LOU. The Black shade ILDE has silver shimmer and it tends to fallout if used without a base. 

THE YAY: mostly even pigmented vibrant bright shades and shimmers worked. 

THE MEH: there were some not so spectacular shades noted above. If you have other bright palettes KVD mi vida loca you can skip this. 

Overall: I like it. It has a fair combination of mattes and shimmers in a variety of colors however the quality was not consistently good across the entire palette so I’m considering returning. 

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