If you don’t follow me on instagram, what are you doing with your life?? No. What I meant to say is that you wouldn’t know about the giant Nyx lippie review I’m in the midst of. They sent me four of their lippie lines: liquid suede, lip lingerie, soft matte creams and matte lipsticks. I’ve been living and breathing NYX lippies for the past two weeks and as a result I feel especially qualified to review these new metallics.

They’ll be available at Ulta online on 7-6 and in stores on 7-30. I have eight of the twelve new shades.

They’re described as:
‘Tried and true meets shiny and new! Now available in ultra-metallic shades, NYX Cosmetics’ Liquid Suede Metallic Cream Lipsticks are just as plush and vibrant as the velvety-matte classics you already love. Whether your fave finish is metallic or matte, these pigment-rich liquid lipsticks deliver intense payoff.’

Out of the four NYX cosmetics formulas I’m testing, the liquid suede (LS) line is by far my favorite. So I was excited to try the new variation. The packaging of the metallics is exactly the same as the original down to the standard doe foot applicator. However the metallics are slightly more expensive at $7.49. The matte LS lippies are $6.99. I like the consistency of the LS formula because it’s not super moussey like the lip lingeries but it’s also not as thin as a standard liquid lipstick. It’s just right! They apply evenly on the lips and the formula is comfortable and not especially drying. So with all that being said, I expected to love the metallics. Sigh. Expectations. My first mistake. 

Neat nude- dirty grey plum

New era- deep metallic bronze

Mauve mist- warm rose nude

Bella- reddish copper

Modern maven- deep wine with blue brown pearl

Biker babe- burgundy

Acme- bright strawberry pink. 

Pure society- violet with blue pearl

The colors are beautiful. No complaints there. But the formula is sooooooo drying! Within a few minutes of applying, my lips become uncomfortably dry. After about an hour they start looking and feeling shriveled. To be fair I absolute hate when my lips feel dry so my tolerance might be lower than yours. I can’t even say how long they last because I end up having to take them off once I reach the ‘shriveled’ stage.

I’ve tried 6 shades so far and I found all of them to be uncomfortable and unflattering shortly after application. Also be warned biker babe and pure society stain pretty bad. I think my arm is always going to have two faint pink lines from these damn swatches. 

One more quick observation- while looking through these pics I realized that there was something familiar about them. It only took me a minute to figure out what it was…

How similar are they to the Makeup Geek foiled lip glosses?! The formulas are different of course but I can’t get over how close the colors are. Coincidence or….

I don’t care for these lippies and I wouldn’t buy them but I hesitate to tell you not to try them. Liquid lipstick formulas are very subjective so who knows? Maybe you’ll like them? But I’d recommend getting one to test before going ham and buying all 12.


  1. Daaaaang I almost bought a bunch of these earlier this week when they were a platinum exclusive at Ulta online!!! I hesitated and didn’t end up buying and now I’m glad. I’ll get just one and see how I like it when they show up in stores!


    • Like I said I despise having dry lips so I might be overly sensitive but I find them REALLY drying and unflattering. And the formula is a bit more thick than the original. I had the brilliant idea to top them with the coordinating MUG gloss when they started getting dry. Nope. Clumpy mess.


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