POPSUGAR is a $39 a month subscription box for women. It includes your typical beauty products as well as accessories and food and lifestyle, entertainment and fitness products. Here’s what was included in the June box…

BILLABONG ALOHA FOREVER TRUCKER HAT ($18)- I’m cool with the hat. I like them for running and yardwork, playing with the dogs etc because I don’t love reapplying sunscreen to my face as often as I should. 

CAPTAIN BLANKENSHIP MERMAID SEA SALT HAIR SPRAY ($24)- meh. I feel like salt sprays make your hair crunchy. Maybe I should give it to go but I’m picturing stiff hair and knots and its not cute. In my head I mean. Maybe it’s adorable in real life but probably not.

NCLA MERMAID TEARS CUTICLE OIL ($18)- this is the best smelling cuticle oil I’ve ever used. Love it!

THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO ($26)- I REALLY wish that Popsugar would get with the program and start giving ebooks. I know some people enjoy the novelty of a physical book but I’m not one of them. I’m a pretty avid reader. I’d estimate that I read 3 books a week. But romance novels don’t do it for me. Especially hardcovers that advertise that I’m reading a romance novel. This will get donated to the library.

ALOHA COLLECTION OCEAN COCO PALMS POUCH ($36)- I love this thing! It’s a good sized zipper closure pouch that’s made of a plastic like material. You could use it for traveling with toiletries or to hold your gym clothes or wet bathing suit. Endless possibilities! $36 is a little steep though.

But they included a coupon for 25% off your next Aloha Collection purchase. 

BELGIAN BOYS MINI COOKIE STASH ($1)- I actually haven’t eaten these yet. I might have to eat them for breakfast. Because I’m health conscious.

MERI MERI PARTY STRAWS ($6)- I actually kinda like straws so I’m not mad at these. 

STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO ($2)- and frappuccinos are always delicious.

As I mentioned in the intro, Popsugar is $39 a month but you can save $5 off of your first box with the code MUSTHAVE5. The value of the June box was around $130. I love the bag and the cuticle oil. I’ll use the hat and the little food items. The only things that I won’t use are the hair stuff and the book. All and all an okay month. Not my fav but I’ve gotten worse boxes. 

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