ColourPop’s “YES PLEASE” Palette vs Natasha Denona’s “SUNSET” palette. DUPES?

Both Products were purchased.

Since the release of this palette there has been a lot of talk of the YES PALETTE being similar to the Natasha Denona SUNSET PALETTE. Several of my friends here have posted their amazing comparisons on different skintones and I wanted to see this for myself before ruling anything out, as both brands are loved by me and many but at the price difference one cant help but wonder.

The entire palette isn’t duped, there is only 8 shades out of the CP palette that are a close dupe and we will discuss below, THE SHADES I AM REFERENCING ARE THE CP YP PALETTE, ND will stand for the Natasha Denona Sunset palette shades.


BIG COCKTAILS VS ND HORIZON: cp is almost a neon whereas the nd shade is darker, I didn’t consider them close enough to swatch but Im assessing this as they are the only bright orange in the room


BLING vs ND atmosphere: Bling has more shimmer, more burgundy – not a dupe and not added to the main swatch but compared nevertheless.

Left is CP right is ND. 

Now the main event: 

CHAMPS VS ND BERMUDA: cp has more of a white base, brighter, but barely noticeable.

LOUIE vs ND MORGANA: we have a match. Both in formula and shade.

BUTTER CAKE vs ND SUNDAZED: shade is similar but ND has chunkier glitter

SPOILED vs ND PANJIN: Panjin is a dark magenta pink whereas CP is red rusty orange, not a dupe.

GNO vs ND SINAI: ND is lighter, not a dupe

MISCHIEF vs ND SOL: CP has more white base in it, brighter

CHAUFFEUR vs ND MANDARINE: ND is more metallic but ever so slightly

FRENCH KISS vs ND VULCANO: ND is browner whilst CP has a touch of plum, not a dupe but very very close.


I was overall impressed with the formula being so good and comparable to the Sunset Palette, which I also love, the palettes are not 100% the same as there are unique shades to each but they got that same theme feel and I daresay they are compatible, I will probably combine the two. If you get CP youll need some darker brown that Im sure you already have either on pan or on other palettes.. Sunset is sold out everywhere but returning in the Fall, Yes Please has a very near restock date that has not been confirmed… get it while you can!  

More pics: 



  1. […] This is a limited edition palette (but they do restock it all the time) by Colourpop and is considered to be a dupe of Natasha Denona Sunset Palette ($129 for 15 x 2.5g) Not all the shades are same, Natasha Denona one has 15 shades and 7-8 are similar to Colourpop’s. But look at the price difference! You can see a proper comparison between the two done by ‘our beauty cult’ here […]


  2. Thank you for this up close and personal dupe swatchfest showdown! It’s interesting that even though they look like dupes on the surface, if you go in a little closer to inspect and analyze you see variations in personality and undertones of the shadows! So interesting! And a super thanks for the super closeup shots! I was noticing with the CP eyelooks they looked more vibrant and neon with the oranges in the crease and was wondering if some were more performing neon like in comparison to ND’s and you confirmed it! Thanks!
    Now, I wonder why some companies “dupe/copy” other palettes so obviously? Do they do it purposely? And how? Lol! Do they purposely go out and purchase the palette and bring it into the lab to make a tweaked version of the colors? Or do they take an Instagram pic to the lab? lolol! I know, it’s crazy but I always wonder what they’re thinking and what they’re process is? Do others wonder these things too? AND, not to say I’m not ECSTATIC at the opportunity to get an ND Sunset type palette at the fraction of the cost! BUT I still LOVE me my Natasha, so who knows if I have the chance, I may get them both!


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