When I opened the Colourpop ‘Gimme More’ palette, the first thing I thought was hmmmm this looks familiar. The overall color scheme is fairly reminiscent of the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. The formulas are also similar in that they both have that dense ‘foiled’ feel to them. I don’t know how many actual dupes there are. I suppose it depends on how picky you are. I’m really anal about what I consider to be a ‘dupe’. How else could I justify buying more shit? Well there’s only one to get to the bottom of this… let’s examine the photographic evidence!

I did some quick sloppy ass finger swatches but I think that you guys get the point. 

🔹️Extra – pale white gold with peachy reflects vs Forever Lit- bright silvery white

🔹️Upgrade- pink champagne vs Glo Getter- rose gold 

🔹️Bottomless- tangerine with a gold flip vs Daydream- glittery pinky orange 

🔹️Full Service- pink with a gold flip vs Kitty Kat- light peachy pink

 🔹️Bigger and Better- golden champagne vs 143- deep bronzey champagne 

🔹️Total Package- metallic rose gold vs Forever Young- light peachy beige  

I found Bottomless to be similar to Daydream. Same with Bigger and Better and 143. And looking at the swatches now, I think that Upgrade might be closer to Forever Young and Glo Getter to Total Package. And maybe Full Service is closer to Daydream? The point is although the color schemes are alike enough that you could get a similar look from both palettes but I don’t see any dupes here.

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