I received this bad boy and the new highlighter palette today. I asked you guys on instagram which one that you wanted to see first and Yes, please! won by a hair. We’ll check out the highlighter palette tomorrow!

 These swatches were taken outdoors.

And these were inside.

 The Yes, please! palette is $16 and has twelve .03oz eyeshadows. I think it sold out very quickly the first time around but it gets restocked this Wednesday, the 28th.

So the palette… I likey! I always like CP powder shadows. I just got this guy today so I haven’t worn it on my eyeballs yet. But it swatched great as per usual. There’s 8 mattes and 4 shimmers. They all have nice pigmentation but they’re powdery. One major complaint- that light gray color was not a good choice for the packaging. It looked beautiful for about 5 minutes. Now it’s trashed. Just from swatching. Dark, powdery eyeshadows and light packaging don’t mix. At all.

As I already mentioned on IG, I don’t have the sunset palette but from what I’ve seen, the two palettes appear quite similar. The CP palette is $16 and has 12 shadows that are .85g each. 12 × .85g = 10.2g. $16 ÷ 10.2= $1.57 per gram. I’ll save you a repeat of that super awesome equation and just let you know that the sunset palette is $3.44 per gram. Which really isn’t a bad price at all tbh. 

FULL ZIP is a matte ivory.

BIG COCKTAILS is a bright reddish orange matte.

CHAMPS is a peachy pink matte.

BLING is a metallic reddish copper.

LOUIE is a pinky orange with gold shimmer

BUTTER CAKE is a beautiful peachy gold metallic.

SPOILED is warm terracotta red.

GNO is warm brown with very strong reddish orange undertones
MISCHIEF is a muted yellow matte

NOTE TO SELF is a warm brown with yellow undertones.

CHAUFFEUR is a warm amber gold. 

FRENCH KISS is deep brown with plum undertones.

This was a clusterfuck of a review… but in conclusion if you can get your hands on this palette, do it! It’s pretty, nice quality and $16. What’s not to like??


  1. So I managed to snag this in their restock (that sold out so fast I was shocked I was able to grab one) and I hadn’t seen your review on this yet. Im finally catching up & I wonder if Colourpop read your review and reconsidered the packaging? Lol I just thought it was interesting that my pallette is a bright yellow not the grey/white shown in your pics.


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