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  • $38.99
  • Affiliate Code: BEAUTYCULT for 10% off
  • Pre-order date: June 29 at 11am EST
  • Release date: July 7 at 11am EST

Guess what??? I got a new palette to swatch/review for y’all!! Isn’t she beautiful?? It’s called the ‘QUINTESSENTIAL PALETTE’ and it’s from ACE BEAUTE. This will be my first time trying one of their products. They mostly sell silk lashes and I believe they have some brushes. They’ve been working on this palette for over a year and it’s gorgeous!

It will be available for pre-order on June 29 and for official sale on July 7.  The retail price will be $38.99 but they’re setting up an affiliate code: BEAUTYCULT for 10% off, which will bring the price down to $35.

The company is based in Texas but the palette was made in China. I know that’s a concern for some of you but the ingredient list looks pretty clean to my novice eyes. Meaning there’s no parabens or mineral oil.

The palette has 16 shadows that are 1.5g/ .053oz each. There’s 7 mattes and 9 shimmers. And every shade is REALLY friggin nice! I’m super impressed. I love the shimmers but the mattes are especially amazing. Like not just ‘great for the price’ amazing. We’re talking good enough to compete with high end, imo.

In my first post on Instagram, I got of lot questions about similarities to Juvia’s. The design of the palette is similar and so are some of the colors but the formulas are completely different as far as ingredients. I haven’t actually done any side by side color comparisons yet but I can if that’s something that you’re interested in.

Let’s get into the swatches and talk about each color!

JASMINE is a light champagne gold with a foiled finish.

CLOVE is a light orange coral. It reminds me of Sugarpill Suburbia.

AMBER is a bright true gold with a smooth ultra metallic finish. There’s some similar golds in the Juvia’s Place palettes.

PATCHOULI is a light peachy beige matte. On my skin tone it’s a nude.

BERGAMOT is a warm mid-toned bronze with a rich foiled finish.

STARRY NIGHT is a foiled silver.

CINNAMON is a deep red brown. I think that it might be similar to ABH RED EARTH.

ROSE is a bright magneta pink with a satin finish.

NUTMEG is a warm soft brown with orange undertones.

ROSEWOOD is a deep reddish purple matte. There’s a similar color in the Coloured Raine ‘Queen of Hearts’ palette.

MANUKA is a deep plummy brown with red undertones and a foiled finish.

BERRY is dark vibrant red, similar to MUG Curtain Call.

TANGERINE is bright orange matte with red undertones.

MANDARIN is deep red orange with a foiled finish.

JUNIPER is a deep royal blue with a satin finish.

NEROLI is a matre black. It has nice pigmentation but it’s more of a soft black.

I’ve been using this palette non-stop for the past two weeks and I love it. There’s not a dud in the whole palette but the mattes in particular are exceptional. I’m interested in trying some their lashes as well because they look amazing. I highly recommend getting this palette when it’s released this week! Just to recap…

The Quintessential Palette by Ace Beaute

  • Available for pre-order on Thursday June 29 at 11am EST
  • Official release date Friday July 7 at 11am EST
  • Price $38.99
  • Affiliate Code: BEAUTYCULT will save you 10%
  • Cruelty Free
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free US shipping for orders $75+


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