IPSY is a $10 a month beauty subscription. Every month you get five samples and a makeup bag. Some months it’s great. Other months it’s terrible. Usually it’s somewhere in the middle. Here’s what I got this month…

The bag is canvas with big red lips. It’s cute. I never re-purpose the bags though. I’ve got a million of them stuffed in drawers. Usually with whatever items I didn’t like that month still inside of them. 

On to the goods!

HEY HONEY MUD MASK ($16)– I like getting mask samples. Normally once a week or so I’ll deep condition my hair, slather a mask on my face and have a little pamper session. Mud masks are generally geared more for oily skin and mine leans dry but whatever. I’ll use it. 

NYX WHIPPED FOUETTE IN PLUSH ($5.99)- this is meant to be used on either your lips or cheeks. Normally I wouldn’t be into a cream cheek product but now that I’m using the Clarisonic foundation brush I love cream products. I’m telling you guys. That brush is a total game changer. Also if you follow me on IG you might have seen that I got a huge package of lipsticks from NYX that I’m going to be swatching for the next year and I’ve got to say, I wish their liquid lipsticks had a pointy applicator like this. But that’s besides the point. Moving on!

LUNA JACE EYESHADOW ($15)- this is a satiny peachy pink eyeshadow. Normally I don’t care for single shadows because I end up losing them but I love this color so I might end up depotting it so that I actually use it. 

THE BALM ‘BALM SPRINGS’ BLUSH ($3)- I swatched the eyeshadow and the blush side by side because they’re basically the exact same color. But I was happy to see that they started making The Balm blush samples a teeny bit larger. 

BEAUTY FOR REAL I-LINE IN CHOCOLATE FIX ($14)- I was also happy to get a dark brown eyeliner instead of the usual black. I quite like this one. It’s very soft and applies smoothly and smudges easily.

IPSY is $10 a month and the value of my bag this month was around $54. Not too shabby. And I like everything. I could’ve done without the blush since the eyeshadow is the same color but oh well. All and all I’m pleased. If you want to sign up for IPSY, click here to get off of the waiting list! Last subscription box review will be Popsugar! I’ll post that later today or tomorrow.


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