Jouer Skinny Dip Palette

Purchased. Affil link. 

Jouer cosmetics Skinny Dip Palette did the rounds fulfilling dreams of glitzy kids everywhere, I got it finally via Beautylish, it retails for $40 and contains 6 metallic shades for a total content of 7.6g. 

The box states you can use them wet but I swatched them dry and they were fabulous so I can only imagine how they’ll do wet.

 The assortment of color gravitates in a neutral safe metallic zone, meaning these are the bronzes, chromes and gunmetal shades that every palette has one of, they compiled them in one. 

The two shades I had problems with were BIKINI and SKINNY DIP. Bikini was hard to pick up any product with the brush so I had to use my fingers and even so it was a bit hard to blend; however it applies well wet. SKINNY DIP was not as pigmented as the rest and it took a few swipes to get full pigmentation. 

 The YAY: mostly full pigmented metallic shades with a smooth pigmented formula. The MEH: it’s a complementary palette so you will need others to complete a full look, most shades you prob have amongst your other palettes. 

The 🔥: I duped the whole thing with @looxi_beauty shadows MwaHahaha.

 Stencils that made my swAtches even and polished: from @polishedvino !!! 

Im becoming a stencil wh*re!!! Lol. Don’t judge me! I can’t even color inside the lines! Aight I’m going to sleep. Or look at memes while I convince myself in 5 more min I’m going to sleep. IM OUT! 

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More pics and vid:

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