Becca Cosmetics Light Chaser Highlighters 

Item was purchased. Affil link. 

You know when these came out I got most of them right? you knew this because the cult knows how addicted to highlighters I am and Im about to start going on a nobuy to cure me from it! anyway @beccacosmetics released these Light Chaser Highlighters for Eye and Cheek, the packaging is the size of their blushes with a gold and silver casing and a mirror, containing 6.5g of product for $34, the cardboard box is holographic giving you a preview of the duochromicity (so not a word but its friday so I’m keeping it) of these highlighters. 

AMETHYST FLASHES GEODE: this shade was the one I found the most disappointing, the formula was dry and picked up quite a bit of product but it was not as finely milled as Ive grown to know Becca, thus not applying evenly and more into small clusters of color. 

TOPAZ FLASHES GILT: now we are talking! this is a gorgeous shade, rich and pigmented and easily blended onto the skin. I did try this on the eye along with JADE and they irritated my right eye but I’m usually sensitive anyway, so test before you actively wear them on your peepers unless you wanna end up looking like a pirate. argh. 

OPAL FLASHES JADE: this was another shade I was impressed with and loved it wasn’t white based so anyone with darker skin can also wear this. 

ROSE QUARTZ FLASHES SEASHELL: Unimpressed: the formula was a bit dry and the shade itself has been done by my favorite indies before: @Looxi_beauty, @Devinahcosmetics.. 

CHAMPAGNE FLASHES BELLINI: this was really pretty and the formula was great but @SauceboxCosmetics Festival Love is very similar for less. 

did you get any of these? You can buy them at Sephora HERE
More pics and vids!


  1. As always, thank you for the honest reviews! I hadn’t planned on buying any (I have plenty of indie brand highlighters) but was casually trying them in the store and was so dazzled by Opal Flashes Jade I had to buy it. This is why I need to stay out of Sephora.


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