Sephora Play “ICONIC EDITION” June 2017 

Item was purchased. Link is affiliate: meaning if you purchase an item through our links we get a comission which supports the blog as the majority of this stuff comes from our own funds. ✌️. 

First things first: I love everything that markets itself as exclusive specially as every year I reluctantly make ROUGE status (and I say this because every year I say I WONT make it and I do, usually halfway into the year..) so when the ICONIC play grab bag became available I didn’t think twice. 

It’s not currently available now but you can sign up to be notified when it does HERE.  

The PLAY ICONIC is not a subscription but a mystery bag that promises high end samples for $20. My problem with it is that it didn’t feel any different from the monthly Sephora Play I am already subscribed to.. so the double price was unwarranted. All items were deluxe samples from high end brands but 2 of those were perfumes which a lot of people hate to get (including me, however in this case the two were fab so I’m not gonna complain for now). 

The items came in a plastic gold bag that is reusable as a makeup bag, I will prob use this as backgrounds for pictures. It also included a booklet that promoted each sample and had a quiz and some other jazz I didn’t care for. 

Dear Sephora: ax the booklet, include a postcard with the items and add another sample and you’ll make me happy. 

The swag:

La Mer moisturizing soft cream 7ml:  I had gotten this before and I love it but I prefer its thicker sister “the moisturizing cream”. As it’s more moisturizing and more value for your buck and currently on my review board as I’ve been using it for a few weeks… this was a cute addition as I will prob use this for traveling. 

YSL oil in stick lipstick on STRAWBERRY PINK: the color is a hot pink in a sheer summery formula. I found it to be gorg for the summer and will def be using it 

Burberry Cat lashes mascara 3.5ml:  I love this mascara, the wand is bomb and I’m too cheap to buy full size mascara. In fact: the one thing I survive out of samples is this.  

Guerlain L’or primer: this claims to have gold flecks but once you apply it this doesn’t add any shimmer to the face, it smells beautiful as all Guerlain stuff usually does and it smoothed out my complexion but not significantly enough to say: gurl go spend your phone bill money on this.  

Dior Poison girl is a classic, I’ve never owned it (I’m a Chanel girl) but it smells delicious and I’m going to finally try it. 

TOM FORD BLACK ORCHID is another scent I actually like which is why i am not bitching about 2 perfumes on here.  Normally this would’ve been it for me cause I stick to my perfume but this scent was actually sexy and a sample I’ll use. 

Overall I think it should’ve at least included a full sized item.. I liked the stuff but I just didn’t feel wowed enough for $20. But I know myself and I probably will get it again because I suffer FOMO hardcore when I miss on stuff. Sephora knows the drill and uses it against me. I wish that they would let you know what it contained before hand since it’s a set amount of products not like the sub box where everyone gets something different. 

Did you get this!? What are your thoughts?


  1. The Dior frangrace is actually brand new – it’s not the original Poison, it’s a spinoff called “Poison Girl” lol. It actually smells a lot better than the original Poison, which is very “old lady” to me. I didn’t order this, and I cancelled the regular play months ago. I’m kinda glad it all felt like a waste of money to me, I think I’d be disappointed with this too. But, I do enjoy your reviews of them!!


    • I realized that later!! Still glad to try it as it’s not so bad. I normally HATEEE getting perfumes so that’s why I’m saying that a lot of people will be disappointed. 2 perfume items is too much


      • Totally too much perfume. They really should’ve included a mini eyeshadow or blush or something.


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