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Makeup Geek ‘In The Nude’ Collection
The code BEAUTYCULT will give you guys 10% off of your ENTIRE order, as long as you’re purchasing one of the new Bronzer Lusters or the In The Nude Eyeshadow Palette. The code will only work if you’re purchasing at least one of the new items from the collection.**
I got a package from MUG yesterday! Yippee! Especially impressive since UPS hates delivering to me on Saturdays. This is their latest collection called IN THE NUDE. The PALETTE is $50 and has 4 new colors and 5 of their most popular shades from their pre-existing collection. The bronzers are $22 each and there’s 3 shades. They’re called BRONZE LUSTER and they’re pearlized. Also the they have 3 bundles (fair, medium, deep) that are $95 each. Each bundle includes the palette, 2 lippies (Jetsetter and Beach Bunny) and a bronzer and a highlighter. The bundles are a $118 value so they’re the best deal, assuming that you don’t already have any of the products.


Indoor swatches

 Outdoors swatches

I’ve got mixed feelings about this guy… First the value of the shadows is $62 plus the cost of the actual palette which is nice quality. So while I don’t think $50 is bad price, it’s still an increase from the Manny collab which was $45. 

The shadows themselves are excellent quality with the exception of So Pale which I found to be a little sheer. MUG mattes are my most used and most loved and I love the colors included in this set. They’re creamy, pigmented and very user friendly. It is a little boring but quality, neutral mattes are a necessity in any collection. 

Really my only objection is that there’s only 4 new shades. I’m willing to wager that most MUG fans already own most, if not all, of the repeated shades. And while they’re great shadows that most of us would use on a daily basis, it’s hard to justify a $50 purchase for 4 new colors.

If you don’t already these shades then yes, I’d absolutely recommend picking this up. Otherwise… eh? I dunno… but for me personally I’ve repurchased Ranpunzel, Grandstand and Cabin Fever and I use Tan Lines all the time too. So I’m happy to have this palette and I know that I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

What do you guys think? Smash or pass on this palette??? 


I took the bronzers to work with me on Saturday afternoon so I was able to test them out on a few ladies and get a feel for how they perform on different skin types and tones.

The bronzers are described as a  combination of ‘silky mineral pigments with a delicate kiss of pearl powder to wrap your skin in a radiant, healthy Bronze Luster’. Sounds good to me! They come in three colors (so far. Maybe there will be later?) and the packaging is the same as the highlighters, square chrome compacts with a good sized mirror. The bronzers are $2 more than highlighters but they actually contain more product (9g/.31oz vs 7g/.25oz) even though the compacts are the same size.

I expected these to be shimmery since they used words like ‘luster’ and ‘pearl’ in the description but I’d consider them to be satin finish. On the skin they have just a hint of sheen. They’re very finely milled but not at all powdery. Actually they feel almost creamy to the touch. And I didn’t notice them settling into lines or pores the way some dense powder products have a tendency to do. All three colors are intensely pigmented. I was a little heavy handed with my first application but I was easily able to sheer out the color with a clean brush. 

I love these bronzers! They have the prettiest finish and give the skin a natural, sunkissed glow. My only constructive criticism is the color range is a little limited. I think they could use a darker color for sure and possibly a lighter shade and maybe something a little cooler. But I think these three shades are a good start and I definitely recommend! 
Out of the IN THE NUDE COLLECTION I highly recommend picking up one of the bronzers. As far as the palette, if you’re new to MUG then yes, hands down, get it! If you already some of the colors than use your judgement. You know whether or not you use them enough to justify a purchase.

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