Sephora Play is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that features products that are sold at Sephora. It includes a makeup bag, 5 samples and a perfume sample. It’s been on the chopping block for me because I feel like you get a lot of free sample type stuff. And this month was no exception. I’m not all that thrilled with what I got. Sigh. Let’s run through the products and by the end of the review, maybe I’ll decide whether or not she gets the ax!

They also include a fold out leaflet detailing the products and a card that you can redeem in store for 50 BI points. I’ve been getting Sephora Play for at least a year now and I’ve never once remembered to take one of the cards to the store with me. I’m putting this one in my damn purse right now! Hopefully I’ll make it to Sephora before July 31 when it expires.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE DON’T BLOW IT ($4) – meh. I’ve gotten a sample of this before and didn’t like it. It’s a styling cream that’s supposed eliminate the need for a hair dryer and heat styling in general. Yeah… no. My hair requires a blow dryer. Unless the look I’m going for is ‘raggedy sisterwife’. 

BRIOGEO CURL CHARISMA ($2.50)-  also meh. My hair is wavy but not cute wavy. More like gross, uneven wavy. And it’s too heavy and long to curl nicely on its own. I won’t use this.

MURAD INVISIBLUR PERFECTING SHIELD ($11)-  eh. I’ve also gotten samples of this before. It’s not bad. I’ll use it but I prefer a luminous primer. 

TARTE TARTEGUARD TINTED MOISTURIZER ($6)- this isn’t bad. The coverage is light but it’s enough to even out my skin and conceal a bit of redness. It’ll be nice to rub on my face quick before running to the store or going to the pool etc.

KAT VON D EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK in K-DUB ($10)- this isn’t a color that I’d ever buy but I actually like it. And I like the KVD liquid lippie formula.

And the perfume sample was Alien by Thierry Mugler ($1). I absolutely love every Mugler fragrance I’ve ever tried. I’ve repurchased Angel several times and I’d definitely consider buying Alien. It’s floral but like sexy floral not old lady floral. 

SEPHORA PLAY is $10 a month and this month’s value is around $35 which is pretty average for this box. I like the lippie and the tinted moisturizer and I’ll use the primer. Both hair items go to the reject box. The value of the hair samples is only like $6 so I guess it’s not a huge loss. Sephora Play will live to see July but she’s still on notice. I swear if next month sucks, I’m canceling!

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