Saucebox Cosmetics Mermaid Life Palette: swatches, thoughts and discount code

PR Sample. Affiliate based code.

Shake the sand off your feet mermaid, and get your tail ready because summer is here and if you aren’t wearing top notch color, you aren’t living this season like it should be!!

reader: aw but I love neutral colors and I cant wear bright shades like that..

Emma: gurl there is festivals, mermaid parades, pride parades, concerts, block parties, bbqs, pool parties, beach parties… plenty of excuses to try a pop of color as liner and slowly introduce color to your look until you get your mermaid self on and then just simply cannot live without a green shimmery lid. I’ve  seen it happen.

The palette is Vegan and comes in a collectible shell packaging, with the names printed in the back, it retails for $70… gulp I know but you get large pans – 4g- and the pigmentation is out of this world and even if you aren’t exactly a bright color wearer, you can tone them down with the neutral options it also includes

LA SIRENA – BUTTERY SOFT FOIL FINISH PURPLE: this was possibly my second favorite shade, its a bright purple with a slight iridescence.

SEA SIDE – BUTTERY SOFT FOIL FINISH DUO AQUA BLUE/GREEN: very highly pigmented, and the teal shade that we were looking for, the color of deep blue sea. Similar to Coconut from Colourpop.

KELP IT REAL– GLITTERY FOIL FINISH FRESH GREEN: this is a gold green that I have not seen in a palette before, it reminds me of diving and seeing seaweed deep in the ocean glistening with the rays of sun that come through from the surface. My top fav shade and I don’t have any shade like it

PIRATES GOLD–  GLITTERY FOIL FINISH  GOLD: its a bright tarnished gold shade but it did have some fallout so prime away or foil with a wet brush.

TREASURE CHEST – GLITTERY FOIL FINISH RUST ORANGE : Its pretty and very very bright, its not rusty at all but more of a gold orange.

MERMAN – CREME FOIL FINISH LAVENDER BROWN SILVER MIX: this shade was problematic for me, I had to layer it to get full coverage and not metallic sparkles. Also note all these swatches were done dry over no primer so I’m sure after you wet your brush you’ll get better results, however its a tad annoying with the price point we are discussing here.  The shade is a weathered silver which follows the theme of metallic shades that seem to have been underwater for a bit, it is interesting but dupeable.

SHELL WE DANCE – CREME FOIL FINISH  PEACH CHAMPAGNE: this was a pretty shade and a little goes a long way, its slightly similar to their other highlighter NIKKI BEACH but this has more peach in it. ITS VERY PIGMENTED! you need only a little bit so thread lightly.

WARM SAND – MATTE FINISH SOFT BEIGE CREAM: this is your standard matte highlight or base, I will use this to set the primer on my lid to provide a clean light surface over which pops of color tend to thrive.

MOONSHADOWS – SATIN FINISH – PROSECCO very finely milled satin highlighter in champagne white gold.

Overall its pretty, there is some shades I found required some finesse with use as they kick up some product and pricewisw it does come down to $63 with our code “SAUCECULT10” AND THIS WEEKEND ONLY: you get a free mermaid brush!!! are you getting this?? did you get it already??

 More pics for your amusement! 



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