Press sample. Affiliate discount code. 

The ‘DIRTY BEAUTIFUL’ palette will be available on at June 16 at 12:01am PST (so Thursday night/ Friday morning)! It includes a custom palette designed by DeAndra and nine 36mm duochrome eyeshadows! The price will be $72 but our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will knock 20% off bringing the price down to $57.60. This is a savings of over 50% ($12 × 9 36mm pans= $108 + $16 palette = $124).

You only want 2 or 3 of the shadows? No problem! You’ll just have to be patient. In a few months they will be joining the permanent line up and will be available for purchase individually (36mm pans only). So while the palette itself and the collection are LE and are only going to be sold as set for the time being, you’ll be able to buy the shadows separately at some point in the not too distant future. How refreshing is it when a brand is transparent with this type of information?? 

Alright time to bring on the swatches!!

These eyeshadows are incredible. They’re her best work so far, IMO. The colors are absolutely stunning but what really takes them to the next level is the formula. They’re the perfect mixture of creamy and soft. They’ve got the amazing color pay off of a foiled eyeshadow but the ease of application of a soft powder shadow. I’m in love! 

MEDEA is a bright Barbie pink with aqua duochrome. The combination of pink and aqua give it a bit of lavender shift as well.

TALLULAH is an ultra metallic silver. It has a heavy pink shift and a subtle green shift.

LIVIA is almost the reverse of MEDEA. It’s a bright aqua with a pink duochrome shift and a hint of lavender.

These three are my ride or dies! Like these three together plus a matte or two and I’m set for life. I can’t stop staring at them!

DRUSILLA is a deep fuchsia. It has deep blue violet reflects and a burgundy shift. Gorgeous.

BELLATRIX is officially my favorite eyeshadow. It’s sooooooo dope!! Okay so its base is taupe. Then it shifts bronze. Then it shifts green. And it also has sparkly pink reflects. And the pink and the taupe mix to give it a lavender shift too. Fuck! It’s everything I’ve ever longed for and dreamed of all mixed together in one pan.

SADIE is a delicate peachy pink with a gold and champagne duochrome shift. Also mind blowingly beautiful.

JEZEBEL is a cobalt blue that shifts teal and purple.

RAVENNA has a taupe base that shifts plum and purple. From some angles it’s got a hint of green too.

ROXY has magenta pink base with teal reflects. The pink and teal give it a lavender effect as well.

 The DIRTY BEAUTIFUL collection is stunning. It’s restored my faith in makeup at a time when every mainstream brand is releasing the exact same shit we’ve seen a million times before. It’s very rare that I come across an eyeshadow that’s unlike anything I own, which is part of the reason that I love this palette. And I know you guys will too! 


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